WCM Project

Project Teams

WCM Evaluation & Migration Core Team

Roles and Responsibilities

The Core Team will oversee all project phases and provide strategic direction for the project.


  1. Michael Berman, Information Technology
  2. Kevin Craig, Information Technology
  3. Ryan Garcia, Information Technology
  4. Nancy Gill, Communication & Marketing
  5. Daniel Martinez, Information Technology
  6. Peter Mosinskis, Information Technology  (project lead)
  7. Dennis Muraoka, Academic Affairs
  8. Toni Rice, Student Affairs
  9. Judy Swanson, Information Technology
  10. Julia Wilson, University Advancement

WCM Evaluation Advisors

Roles and Responsibilities

Members of ths group represent key areas of the campus and will meet as requested by the Core Team. The advisors will provide feedback during initial phases of product selection (such as vendor demos), and consists of select users of existing WCMS as well as other key stakeholders.  Selected advisors will be invited to participate in the hands-on testing phase.


  1. Amber Weir
  2. Amy Spandrio
  3. Angela Stockmon
  4. Bob Bleicher
  5. Ed Nuhfer
  6. Elizabeth Velasco
  7. Gary Berg
  8. Jake King
  9. Jane Wanberg
  10. James Blocksom (student)
  11. Jed Cunningham (student)
  12. Marc Aten
  13. Melissa Remotti
  14. Nathan Revard
  15. Patricia Pulido
  16. Pilar Pacheco
  17. Ria Fidler
  18. Robin Horne
  19. Tom Emens
  20. Wendy Olson
  21. Ben Hipple
  22. Brian Pichette
  23. Nitzia Castaniero
  24. Rosario Cuevas
  25. Chanda Cunningham
  26. Jessica Dalton
  27. Carmen Delgado
  28. Mary Devins
  29. Effie Karacali
  30. Jerilee Petralba
  31. Charlotte Wakenhut
  32. Beth Williams
  33. Callie Juarez
  34. Gina Matibag
  35. Merissa Stith
  36. Jaimie Hoffman
  37. Ginger Reyes
  38. Richard Montiel
  39. Kirsten Moss-Frye
  40. Louise Siefert
  41. Leah Alvarado
  42. Janel Suliga
  43. Liz King (student)
  44. Lisa Racine
  45. Christine Thompson
  46. Genevieve Evans Taylor

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