The process for ASI employees to obtain access to edit the ASI web space is as follows:

  1. ASI or ASI entity employees will contact ASI Support Coordinator (Christine Thompson,
  2. ASI employees will discuss requirements with ASI Support Coordinator.
  3. ASI employees will sign up for and complete required workshops to obtain access to CI's web content management system (Web Accessibility I and the EchoCi Workshop). View the Workshop Schedule.
  4. Upon successful completion of both workshops, ASI employee will contact ASI Support Coordinator.
  5. ASI Support Coordinator will contact Student Communication representative in Student Affairs to request access for ASI employee to specific areas in CI's web content management system (EchoCI).
  6. Student Communication representative will update Student Affairs + ASI web authorization spreadsheet, and email to IT Help Desk at
  7. Web Services team will update web content management (WCM) system permissions to enable ASI employee’s access.
  8. Web Services team will contact ASI employee when access has been enabled.