1. What is outreach?

Answer:  At CI, University Outreach serves to inform and motivate K-8th grade students to prepare for post-secondary education.  University Outreach hosts six distinct programs both on and off campus.  It is our aim to teach K-8th grade students about the different types of colleges and universities in California and how to start preparing for college as early as middle school.  Through a visit to campus, visiting students are exposed to a four-year public institution and, moreover, are immersed in the CI culture.  If you are a high school student or interested in transferring to CI, check out our Admissions & Recruitment homepage to schedule your campus visit as well as learn about up-to-date admission information.

2. Is there any interaction with college students during your programs?

Answer: Yes! Integrated into many of the outreach programs are college student presenters.  For instance, after each of the CI Leaders in Education Awareness Program (LEAP) student volunteers briefly shares his/her success story of how he/she got to college, the visiting students will have a chance to ask any questions they have about the college experience. A one-on-one discussion about academics, campus life, student housing, and free time has served as a good way to get the children motivated to want to learn more about the campus and other universities in general.  Another example of college-student interaction takes place inside the classroom during the COMM-Unity 101 School Site Visit, when teams of four CI students present a “How to Get to College” workshop and facilitate a student panel.

3. Do you provide transportation?

Answer: University Outreach does not provide transportation to the campus. Visitors must provide their own transportation to accommodate their needs. As a result, visitors must also inform the University of the type of transportation they will be using at least two weeks prior to the visit. We do provide free parking for buses and a map to the proper parking lots to better assist you.

4. What age groups do you work with?

Answer: University Outreach is a unique program that works with K-8th grade students only. We take this opportunity to teach students at this developmental stage about the importance of attending college with a fun and interactive approach.  We incorporate fun and education in a way that insures students will be equipped with the tools needed for the development of self-efficacy and educational success.

5. What languages do you present in?

Answer: University Outreach conducts presentations in both English and Spanish; however, all of our presentations are given in English unless otherwise requested by the visiting school. Please give University Outreach at least two weeks notice if there is a need for either a translator or presentation language change.

6. Can you host visits on Saturdays?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to operate on the weekends.

7. Can you present at school assemblies, open houses, college fairs or parent meetings?

Answer:  Special requests are by appointment only and limited due to staffing.

8. Are your materials in Spanish and English?

Answer:  Most of our materials are in both English and Spanish.

9. Do you provide maps of and to the University?

Answer: We do provide a map of the University that notes a designated starred area to meet CI students at the time of the visitor’s arrival. However, we do not provide point-to-point directions.

10.  Do you provide outreach services during the summer months (June-August)?

Answer:  Special requests are by appointment only and limited due to freshman and transfer orientations.