Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Program Overview

50/50 split - both universities on diploma - following previous CSUF joint program protocols, students will apply to the program rather than to one or the other campus. This program not limited to our enrollment area - people from around the country/world would be eligible. State-side but revenue-generating program: based on enrollment and revenue predictions, we anticipate revenues will be sufficient to augment campus services (e.g., library).

Online design

Model: Intensive summer residency + online courses offered via year-round modules Year round, 3 semesters per year (including summer); 9 semesters total Students pay flat fee each semester; doesn't matter how many classes they register for Students pay for 9 semesters. If students don't finish dissertation, have to sign up for 0 units and pay full extra semester fee. Good incentive built in - shown to increase graduation rates at CSUF.

Fieldwork and cross-course assignments embedded throughout the program that will provide requested research support for regional school districts. This professional level of service learning directly aligns with our university mission. Opportunity to be innovative, to help build a high quality model for online course delivery, build faculty and student competencies needed for online teaching/learning

iPads for Scholars Program

More information coming soon

Career Development Network (CDN)

Advisory Group

Students and graduates of the Educational Leadership & Administration MA program met with members of the PVLC-Professional Connections team to design a professional development network for new P-12 school leaders in CI's service areas. The CDN is intended to provide continued support for graduates of CI's Educational Leadership program and real-world field connections for current students in the program, and is open to all school leaders in the area (not just CI grads)