Below is a list of procedures and guidelines that reflect the business practices of the Division of Business and Financial Affairs.  Additional guidelines and policies come from CI's University Policy Manual that directly relate to the Division of Business and Financial Affairs and The Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM).

Organization, Communications, and Information

Business Services

Financial Services

  1. FA.01.004-Policy on Hospitality, Prizes, Awards, Gifts
  2. FA.02.001-Policy on Business Travel
  3. FA.60.003-Policy on Procurement

Human Resources

  1. FA.31.010-Policy on Drug-Free Campus & Workplace
  2. FA.31.012-Policy on Composition of MPP Search Committees
  3. FA.31.014-Policy on Telecommuting

Facilities Services

  1. FA.01.003-Policy on Chargebacks
  2. FA.40.003-Policy on Access Management and Facility Security (PDF, 66.8KB)
  3. FA.83.003-Policy on Use of Facilities
  4. FA.45.001-Policy on University Space Allocation
    Space Request Form (PDF, 59.4KB)
    Space Advisory Committee  (PDF, 42.8KB)
    Scope and Responsibilities (PDF, 93.3KB  )


Public Safety

  1. FA.30.002-Policy on Animal Control
  2. FA.31.011-Policy on Campus Violence
  3. FA.31.013-Policy on Smoking on Campus
  4. FA.43.002-Policy on Motor Vehicle Use
  5. FA.81.002-Policy on Bicycles, Skateboards, and Other Similar Devices
  6. FA.81.003-Policy on Driving and Parking on Campus Property

Risk Management

  1. FA.32.002-Policy on Risk Management