On-Line Resources: Writing Across the Curriculum

WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State

As the home site for the "Writing Across the Curriculum" (WAC) movement, this resource offers news, archives, e-groups and journals, teaching tips, links to programs, calls for papers, etc.

University of Toronto Writing


Gives helpful ways to respond to students' writing before, during, and after grading. These guidelines are based on research studies of students' attitudes to grading and teacher commentary. 

Online Resources: Avoiding Plagiarism

Robert Harris's "Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers"

 Harris's article is a thoughtful exploration of the problems of plagiarism from both a faculty and student perspective. It explores strategies of awareness, prevention, and detection. 

Plagiarism in Colleges in USA

http://www.rbs2.com/plag.pdf (PDF
Ronald Standler's collection of plagiarism data emphasizes the issue's legal aspects.