Major: Sociology, Institutions Emphasis. Political Science Minor 

"I am in my last semester at Channel Islands, and have worked in the UWC for nearly 4 years. I am an EOP student who plans to attend law school in the future. One of my hobbies is the restoration of classic cars, including my own."


Major: English, Creative Writing Emphasis. History Minor

"I am a senior English major and History minor, and this is my third year as a tutor. I love my studies and, in my free time, I am writing poetry, reading, and attempting to make a plan for after graduation. Fun facts: I went to boarding school (yes, those still exist. No, I am not a delinquent) and am originally from Canada."


Major: English, Creative Writing and English Education

"I'm a Junior. I love to write: poetry, fiction, non fiction, plays -- anything! I am excited about words and passionate about sharing my enthusiasm. My strengths as a tutor include creative work, pre-writing, organization (especially strong theses), and grammar questions."


Major: Pursuing Teaching Credential - English

"I am a Graduate of CI with a B.A. in English and I am completing my single subject teaching credential in English this semester. I am learning to surf, I write fiction, and I play the Guitar and the Piano. I am a descendant of a patient of the Camarillo mental hospital before it became CSUCI."


Major: Pursuing Teaching Credential

Fun Facts: "I play guitar and I lived in Chile."


Major: Business/Biology

"I was born and raised in Burbank, California. My favorite color is green. I love Adventure Time and Italian food. I have run 2 marathons in 4 hours and 30 minutes each. My goal is to one day become a pharmacist."


Major: English

"[Life] ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

"This quote, from Rocky 6, has grown to become my personal motto. It’s applicable to the hard work I put into my major, English. It’s helped me overcome preconceived bodily limitations in my interests outside of school, such as rock climbing. And most importantly, it’s helped make me realize that my journey to come will be far from smooth, but with hard work ethic and strong mental fortitude I will crush all of life’s challenges and in turn give back as much I can as I very much cherish and value the beauty of life. Thank you, Sylvester Stallone."


Major: Liberal Arts, Concentration in English

"I am a third year student who plays the clarinet for our University Orchestra here at CI. I also play the piano in my free time. Ultimately, I aspire to be a judge."


Major: Psychology

"I am a self-proclaimed cat lady and Disney enthusiast. I love to read, paint, and occasionally watch trashy television shows in my spare time. If I am not at school, you can probably find me at the beach or Disneyland because those are my happy places."


Major: Biology, emphasis in Ecology

"I'm a junior studying to become a conservation biologist. I was born and raised in Louisiana; hugging alligators and riding a boat to school. My ultimate aspiration is to work in a game reserve in South Africa researching and protecting endangered animals."


Major: English, Education Emphasis

"I am a senior at CI looking to pursue a Teacher's Credential. In my free time I enjoy writing and reading the work of aspiring authors. In the future, I hope to live in Japan for a while."


Major: English

"I am in my third year at CI and I study English. I love writing! I also enjoy a good book, Netflix, and coffee. When people ask me what I want to do, I always respond with 'I don't really know'. Truth is, I do not really like planning too far ahead; let's just play along and see what happens!"


Major: English, Creative Writing Emphasis

"I am a senior and published author, majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. As your friend in the Writing Center, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to feel proud and confident in your papers. To me, writing is an art. No matter your skill or subject matter, I hope to share in the creative process together very soon!"


Major: English, Education Emphasis

"I am a senior English major and this will be my first year as a Writing Center tutor. The use of language as a communicator is something I've always found so intriguing, so I am very excited to work as a tutor. When I have free time I like to cook, doodle, and force my friends to listen to podcasts."

Adam, Student Assistant 

Major: Art, Studio Art Emphasis 

"This is my second year at CI. I am an art major with an emphasis in studio art and I want to become a tattoo artist and graphic designer. In my spare time I enjoy working on cars, rock climbing, photography, and basically anything outdoors that is hands on."

Madison, Student Assistant 

Major: Pre-Nursing 

"I've played soccer since I was four years old and continued to play throughout my high school career. I'm a freshman at CSUCI and my ultimate goal is to become a Nurse that specializes in either pediatrics or maternal newborns." 

Maggie, Student Assistant 

Major: English, Creative Writing Emphasis 

"This is my first semester at CI, and I am majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I'm from Northern California, and I actually grew up in Connecticut. In my free time, I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and playing guitar." 

Greg, Student Assistant 

Major: English