Writing and Multiliteracy Center Approach to Feedback:

All writers and communicators benefit from sharing their work with multiple audiences.  Therefore, for peer consultations on writing, the WMC offers free one-to-one writing help to students from all disciplines at any stage of their writing process.  Our mission is to help you to become better writers through an understanding of writing, writing strategies, and best practices.  As a result of the consultation process, however, papers generally improve.  

WMC Consultants WILL . . .

  • Read and respond to your questions about your assignment from courses across the curriculum.
  • Help you explore your ideas and think creatively about your project or writing.
  • Listen actively and encourage you to develop strategies to address your individual concerns.
  • Support you on all stages of the composition process, from gathering ideas and evidence to polishing the finished text.
  • Offer information and suggestions or ask questions about your ideas and approach. 
  • Help you contextualize your work in light of audience, genre, and the prompt.
  • Help you apply and practice stronger writing or speaking habits. 
  • Respect  your privacy.
  • Respect differences in learning styles, linguistic backgrounds, and cultural experiences.

WMC Guidelines for Students:

•   Cell Phones:  The WMC is a cell phone free zone.  If a student opts to take (or make) a call during a tutoring session, she or he needs to leave the center to attend to the call  thereby ending the tutoring session.  
•   Interrupting Sessions:  While the center is a friendly, lively place with lots of conversations across the tables, it is important to refrain from interrupting tutors and students during their tutoring sessions.  The same respect will be given to you during your session. 
•   Rude or Inappropriate Behavior:  Tutors have the right to terminate a session if a student is acting in a rude, inconsiderate, or inappropriate manner.
•   Dropping Off Papers:  We will not work on your paper without you present.   The Center is not an editing service, but we will help students to understand grammar and offer strategies for correcting their own papers.
•   Printing:  As long as the printer is operational, students are welcome to print the paper (and accompanying materials) on the day of the session.