Who can come to the Writing and Multiliteracy Center (WMC)?  What is it and where?

All CSUCI students, first year to graduate level, are welcome to visit the WMC to discuss and receive feedback on academic or personal writing at any stage of the process.  While our current tutors are trained to help students with writing, our long-term goal as a "multiliteracy" center is to support  students working with a range of communication forms, including writing, oral, visual, multimedia, and digital communication. 

We are located in the Broome Library, 2nd floor Room 2675.  Our opening hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 7:00pm and Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm.    

While we could say that our services are free, that isn't quite true. By paying your student fees, you have already paid for tutoring -- come and get what you've paid for. 

What happens in a tutoring session for writing?

When you come to WMC you can expect a tutor to talk to you about your paper and ask questions.  Sometimes tutors will read the paper or ask you to read portions of your papers aloud, so you can hear your work.  Tutors can help you understand your prompt, brainstorm ideas, strengthen argument or evidence, understand audience, and revise papers on your own.  Tutors most important role, however, is as a reader for your papers.

* Please note, while WMC writing tutors are prepared to help you with your writing, they are not subject specialists, and thus may not be familiar with the material you are covering in your class. If you bring the assignment and the text you are working with, they may be able to help you work with difficult texts, but we recommend that you direct subject-related questions to your professors or instructors.

What should I bring with me?

Bring what you need to work, particularly the assignment prompt and any other material the instructor may have given you that would contribute to a tutor's understanding of the writing task.  If you need help summarizing, quoting, or referencing a source, be sure to bring the book or article as well.  It's also helpful if you know what style manual you are required to use (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. ), if you are including sources in your paper.  There are laptops in the Center that you can use during your session.

What if I don't have a draft?

That is fine; just bring in the written assignment/syllabus and your ideas.  One of the best ways WMC tutors can help writers is by discussing the assignment.  This allows you to brainstorm, get some thoughts down on paper, and be sure the demands of the assignment are being addressed.

How long do sessions last?

One tutoring session lasts 30 minutes. This is enough time to go over an average paper, but it is not enough time to go over lengthy essays or multiple papers (eg: a portfolio). You may set up two tutoring sessions back to back for a total of one hour of tutoring.  It is also a good idea to consider seeing a tutor more than once for a given paper.

Students can sign up for two session appointments per week (1 hour) and are allowed one drop-in tutoring session per day.  For an appointment, call (805) 437-8934 or email writing.tutors@csuci.edu .

Students who are registered with the EAC and are eligible to receive extended time as one of their accommodations in their classes are eligible to receive hour long appointments in the Center. Simply bring in the same paperwork that you present to your professors and present it to the WMC coordinator.

How do I make an appointment?

•   In person: Broome Library Room 2675 (during business hours) 
•   By phone:  (805) 437-8934 (during business hours) 
•   By email: writing.tutors@csuci.edu  NOTE: you should receive a reply email within one business day of your request. If the reply does not come, please call us.

What if I don't have an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome.  However, we recommend appointments to guarantee a session with a tutor. NOTE: Tutoring begins on the hour and half hour. If students with appointment do not arrive within 5 minutes of their scheduled time, tutors will be available to see drop-ins.   

Can the WMC help with a long research paper?

Yes.  The tutors can look over approximately six to eight pages in a typical 30 minute session, so you may wish to set up two 30-minute tutoring sessions.  You may also want to plan to visit a tutor several times in the term to help you brainstorm, develop an argument, organize, or revise the paper.  Students who postpone writing long projects until the end of the term may not be able to receive the amount of tutorial support they were hoping for.  While all tutors are familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles, their proficiency varies. If you call us to make your appointment, please ask which tutor will best be able to help you.

My group is working together on a project.  Can you work with several people?

Yes, the WMC has facilities to work with several people at one time.  Be sure to mention that a group is coming when you make your appointment. 

What if I need extra help with basics?

Tutors can help you look for patterns of error in individual papers and to learn the conventions of sentence structure and punctuation.  If you would like more systematic instruction in language or composition basics, you can arrange for individual or group sessions by contacting Dr. Sohui Lee (sohui.lee@csuci.edu) or Dr. Kathleen Klompien (kathleen.klompien@csuci.edu). 

Why won't the tutor just fix my mistakes?

One of WMC's mission is to help students grow as effective writers and communicators.  Through tutorial sessions, students learn about and improve their writing.  Altering the quality of a student's papers without the student's involvement and understanding not only violates our goals and policies, but flirts with academic dishonesty.  Therefore we do not "correct" papers, but address editorial revision collaboratively within the context of the paper as a whole.  We appreciate students' and professors' understanding of our ethical and professional boundaries.

Can I work with a particular tutor?

You are encouraged to form a working relationship with a tutor.  Improving writing is a long-term process and meeting a tutor for a regular weekly conference is a smart strategy.   However, after several sessions with one tutor to discuss the same paper, it can be a good idea to see someone else to get a fresh perspective.