Comprehensive Writing Resources

The Writing Lab at Purdue
The nation's flagship electronic writing center. This site offers an unusually wide selection of handouts, exercises, and self tutorials on topics including punctuation basics, resume writing, writing research papers, and documentation across academic disciplines.

The University Writing and Multiliteracy Center at UNC, Chapel Hill
Excellent resource with handouts supporting all steps in the writing process, as well as information about writing for different disciplines. 

University of Manitoba Academic Learning Centre 

The University of Manitoba's website features a wide selection of handouts to assist with your writing. You can find many helpful handouts ranging from how to title your essay to how to paraphrase from a source and beyond!

Reference Sources:

Dictionaries and Style Guides

One Look Dictionary
This website allows you to use several different dictionaries at the same time.

Researching and Documenting Sources (from Purdue University)
Purdue's online guide offers useful information and advice as well as links to MLA and APA style guides. 

The Bedford St. Martin's Sample Document Gallery
Sometimes the best way to understand the wonderful world of citation is view a sample. This website offers you papers in MLA, APA, and Chicago (in the Humanities section); business and technical writing samples; and samples from the sciences.

Writing in the Arts and Sciences at Marquette
A page of tips for students and a checklist for writing research papers in a large number of academic disciplines.

Grammar Resources

The Grammar Slammer
This site provides a no-frills, yet extensive list of grammatical definitions and terms.

Grammar Bytes
This site offers a unique and refreshing look at grammatical concerns with helpful illustrations along with clear and concise explanations.

Grammar Girl 

This website features a search function. For each grammatical topic (e.g. comma splice) there is a short write-up on suggested ways to fix an error, as well as an explanation on what makes the issue ungrammatical. 

Mt. SAC Writing Center

This website offers directed learning activities–PDF worksheets–to assist with building writing skills involved in the writing process such as proper grammar and how to cut down on passive voice. 

"That" vs. "Which"

This write-up will go over the right time to write “that” and the right time to write “which.” At the bottom of this page there is also a link to some practice exercises!

Structure Resources

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
A great step-by-step site that offers advice on everything from topic selection to finishing touches.

Hamilton College Handouts
Provides handouts on how to write different kinds of essays in the writing resources.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Another interactive page that assists in the developmental stages of writing. It offers descriptions of various methods in creating effective writing strategies.

University of Richmond Writing Center - Writer's Web
This site has detailed information on mechanics and other structural issues. It also provides in-depth looks at editing, analysis and writing across disciplines. 

Developing a Thesis Statement 

The University of Wisconsin Madison’s website offers a step by step guide on how to identify your paper’s topic and build your thesis from your topic.

Developing a Thesis 

This is another guide to writing a thesis from the Harvard Writing Center. Features extensive written instructions on everything to be considered before writing a thesis.

ESL Resources

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab
This is a link to the Purdue Owl and its ESL resources which are thorough, in-depth and user-friendly.

DeAnza College - Excellent ESL Websites$8
This is a link to DeAnza College which has compiled a list of ESL websites that provide games, activities, and quizzes for student of all levels.

Miscellaneous Resources

The Oatmeal
Writing is about more than structure and grammar - it is also about creativity! Writer's block shows us that coming up with creative, original material can be as hard (or harder) than mechanics and sentence structure. So here's a site the can ignite a creative spark with an amusing take on the ordinary. 

Is It Plagiarism Yet? 

One of the greatest fears in academic writing is your paper being flagged for plagiarism. This extensive guide from OWL Purdue goes over all of the ins and outs and helps to avoid a problematic paper.