Workshop Schedule

Note:  All workshops held in Bell Tower 1568

Understanding Your CARRTBA


Develop a better understanding about CARR to remain on the graduation track.
Summer School @ a Community College

4/26 10:30am

5/1 11:00am

5/2 11:30am

5/3 3:30pm

Interested in taking summer school courses at a community college?  But not sure what to take or how to do it?  
Scheduling Classes

4/17 10:30am*

4/18 1:30pm

4/24 1:30pm*

4/25 10:00am


Need help choosing the right courses for your next semester?  Join us as we further explain your CARR and graduation requirements while providing tips in building a schedule.
Study SkillsTBA


Learn how to study efficiently and effectively.
Understanding GE Requirements

4/3 11:00am

4/11 1:30pm

Learn more about what the GE requirements are and how to plan your schedule. 
Accessing Campus Resources/ Tour


Join us for a presentation and a tour around CI’s campus, highlighting where to go for academic assistance and resources. 
Test Anxiety & Test Taking  Strategies


Exams have you in a sweat? Discuss tactics and strategies to combat test anxiety and “guess smart.”
How to Choose a MajorTBA


Can’t decide on a major? No problem! Find out which major could be the right fit for you.
Stress ManagementTBA


Overwhelmed? Learn about techniques on how to reduce stress and remain productive.
Discover your Learning StyleTBAGain an understanding of how you learn and develop skills to adapt to your professors’ teaching style.
Make the Most of your College Experience


Want tips on how to be successful this semester?  
Time Management


Learn more about what the GE requirements are and how to plan your schedule.