Academic Difficulty

 GPA Calculator

Understanding your Grade Point Average (GPA) is an important part of being a successful student. We have included an online GPA calculator to help you determine or estimate your GPA.

Common uses of the GPA Calculator are:

  • calculating your semester GPA
  • determining necessary grades to obtain a target GPA such as university honors
  • calculating your GPA to avoid probation and academic disqualification
  • calculating your GPA when you are repeating courses

Updates from your Academic Advising Center ... 

Beginning spring 2012 Academic Advisors are available for walk-in sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:00am to 5:00pm.  

Remember, students will be seen during walk-in timeframes on a first come, first served basis.  Prior to your walk-in, please have questions and other necessary paperwork prepared in advance to maximize your advising session. Please utilize on-line sources such as the schedule of classes and our major/minor forms library.  Students with declared majors can also meet with faculty advisors who will assist you with your course selections.  If you have questions regarding your minor, you can see the faculty advisor in that subject area.

For a Successful Walk-in Appointment

You should have a schedule written out and other paperwork ready prior to meeting with an advisor for a walk-in.  If you attended workshops, you should have a folder containing your Island Compass Guide and other useful materials to bring with you. You can use the on-line Schedule of Classes, Major and GE checklists (refer to Major and Minor Forms Library on our website), and other forms prepared prior to your visit to the Advising Center.  If you have…

  • Already met with an advisor, please bring all paperwork from your last appointment .
  • Not met with an Advisor, review the Island Compass (PDF, 4.3MB) , G.E. sheet and Major worksheet for possible courses. Choose courses you know you haven't taken.
  • An advising hold, please let us know this when you check in.
  • Attended an Island View Orientation or New Transfer Orientation, please bring folder of information that was handed to you.

You can stop by to make an appointment for a Regular Degree Progress check or a first time "STAR" appointment with one of our academic advisors after the first two weeks of the semester. Advising appointments do fill up fast, so please plan ahead. Contact us at 805-437-8571 and have your Student I.D. number available or e-mail and include your Student I.D., phone number, name, major and timeframe you may be available. 

Remember your Faculty Advisor can also assist with any class or scheduling questions for your major. Don't forget to meet with them throughout the year to get assistance with major course information.

Please Note: If you are unable to keep your advising appointment, please call us or e-mail to cancel and re-schedule so we may offer your appointment time to other students.

Plan on Graduating Within the Next two Semesters?

If you plan to complete your degree by Spring 2015, you should turn in your Application for Degree and Diploma to the Enrollment Center by the September 15th, 2014 deadline.

Please make sure the records office has the following:

  1. Official copies of all transcripts from your previous institutions that contain ALL prior coursework
  2. Your official CSU GE certification (if you have one or upon advisor recommendation)
  3. AP test scores ( you can request these at

If you need to petition any previous coursework or file any other petitions related to your degree, please file those as soon as possible so the results will be available.

 Academic Advisors offer the following services:

  • Clarification of general education and graduation requirements
  • Semester scheduling of courses
  • Degree planning
  • Information about dropping and adding classes
  • Clarification of University policies and procedures
  • Declaring and changing majors
  • Academic difficulty - Probation/Disqualification
  • Sign extra unit authorization forms for undeclared students