Frequently Asked Questions 

Here is a list of commonly asked questions by students in the Academic probation process.  

Why am I on the academic probation if my cumulative GPA is above a 2.0?

Both your cumulative GPA and CSUCI GPA have to be at a 2.0 (C average) GPA.

What happens if I do not complete the advisement process by the 3rd week of the semester?

If you do not complete the advisement process by the 3rd week of the semester, you will receive a last day registration appointment, regardless if you normally receive priority registration. In addition, an advising hold will be place on your account.  

If I stay on academic probation another semester, will I be academically disqualified.

Not necessarily, students are subject to academic disqualification if their cumulative GPA or CSUCI GPA falls below the following, after having been on probation: freshman- 1.50, sophomore- 1.70, junior- 1.85, and senior- 1.95. However, if you show improvement and receive over a 2.0 semester GPA, you will be continued on academic probation.

If I repeat the course I failed at the community college, can it replace my grade here?

No, CSUCI has a grade forgiveness, repeat policy, but in order for your grade to be replaced, the course has to be repeated at CSUCI. If you take courses at community college, it will improve your overall, cumulative GPA, but it will not change your CSUCI GPA.

Will I get off academic probation if I get a 2.0 semester GPA?

Only if you repeat classes and replace your failed grades, will you potentially receive a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 with only a 2.0 semester GPA. If you do not repeat any classes, you will need higher than a 2.0 semester GPA to raise your GPA.  Keep in mind, your semester GPA averages with your deficient GPA. 


First SemesterGPA EarnedSecond SemesterGPA Needed to Average a 2.0
Took 12 units1.5Taking 12 new units2.5

Click here to use the  GPA Calculator for details.

Can I take more than 14 units?

  • Students in the academic probation process are limited to 14 units so they can have a lighter load while they get back on track.
  • 14 units were set to allow students with four unit classes, the ability to take three or four classes.
  • Students may request for an academic advisor to approve an Additional Unit Authorization to take more than 14 units, but these are seldom approved.

I won’t be going back to campus until the semester starts, can I wait to meet my advisement requirement then?

Yes, you can. You have until the 3rd week of the semester; however, it is recommended you meet with an academic advisor as soon as possible. We have advisement appointments and workshops available through Zoom video conferencing.

Will my academic probation affect my financial aid?

This is possible as financial aid has different requirements to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor for more information.

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