ANTH 446 Altered States of Consciousness

ART 332 Multicultural Art Movements

ART/CHS/HIST 333 History of Southern California Chicano/a Art

ART 344 Global Arts of Islam

ART 435 Postmodern Visual Culture

CHS 331 Trans-border Perspectives in Chicana/o Studies

CHS 335 Chicana Feminisms

CHS/HLTH 342 Reproductive Health and Justice in the Chican/o Community

CHS/COMM/HLTH/NRS 343 Health Issues in the Latina/o Community

CHS 430 Interdisciplinary Research & Writing in Chicana/o Studies

CHS/EDUC 445 Chicano Child and Adolescent

ENGL/PATH 333 Multicultural Drama and Theatre

ENGL/HIST 335 American Ethnic Images in Novels, Film, and Art

ENGL 349 Perspectives on Multicultural Literature

ENGL/HIST 430 Tradition and Transformation: Literature, History, and Cultural Change

FJS 340 Exploring Freedom and Justice

GLST 435 Global Cities

HIST/PATH 338 Theatre in History

NRS/PSY 342 Complementary and Alternative Health

PAMU 330 Jazz in America

PAMU 332 World Music

PAMU 337 Music in History

PATH/SPAN 334 Spanish Language Drama & Theatre

POLS/SOC 330 Political Sociology

PSY 344 Psychology and Traditional Asian Thought


Students need one multicultural course (C3b) for graduation (see catalog for a comprehensive list of all multicultural courses).

Students must take 3 (UDIGE) courses (9 units) in the course numbering range of 330-349 and 430-449. Two of the courses may be met with major requirements. One of the courses must be outside the major.