Transfer Model Curriculum

Based on California law (, students who have completed an Associate in Arts Transfer (AA-T) or an Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) Degree at a California Community College (CCC) are eligible to graduate in 60 units. This program is known as Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) here at CI. The exact pathway for major completion will depend on specific AA-T/AS-T courses completed at the CCC. To meet this goal, it is imperative that students meet with an academic advisor for assistance with following the TMC associated with their major.

Please use the table below to match your AA-T or AS-T completed at the CCC with the corresponding TMC major here at CI.

AA-T / AS-TCI Major
Anthropology AA-TBA Anthropology
Art History AA-TBA Art: Art History Emphasis
BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Digital Art History Option
BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Enhanced Studio Option
Biology AS-TBA Biology
Business Administration AS-TBS Business
Chemistry AS-TBA Chemistry
BS Chemistry
BS Chemistry, Biochemistry Option
Child & Adolescent Development AA-TBA Psychology
Communication Studies AA-TBA Communication, Environmental Communication Emphasis
BA Communication, Health Communication Emphasis
BA Communication, Organizational Communication Emphasis
Computer Science AS-TBS Computer Science
Early Childhood Education AS-TBA Early Childhood Studies
Economics AA-TBA Economics
BA Economics, International Option
BA Economics, Managerial Option
English AA-TBA English
BA English, Creative Writing Option
BA English, English Education Option
BA English, Multicultural Literature Option
Global Studies AA-TBA Global Studies
History AA-TBA History
Elementary Teacher Education AA-TBA Liberal Studies, Teaching & Learning Emphasis
Mathematics AS-TBS Mathematics
Music AA-TBA Performing Arts, Music Emphasis
Nursing ADN*BS Nursing
Political Science AA-TBA Political Science
Psychology AA-TBA Psychology
Public Health Science AS-TBS Health Science
Social Justice Studies AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies
Sociology AA-TBA Sociology
Spanish AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies or BA Spanish
Studio Arts AA-TBA Art: Art Studio Emphasis
Theatre Arts AA-TBA Performing Arts, Theatre Emphasis

* Students complete 70 units at the Community College and 50 units at CI, referred to as a Model Curriculum (MC)

Click here for a list of current year major forms designed for TMC: