Freshman Year

Familiarize yourself with the university and what it has to offer. Explore academic majors, resources available to you at CI, your interests, and the skills you have and those you want to develop.


• Visit the Advising Center and schedule your First Appointment with a Peer Advisor.

• Enroll in the University 100 class.

• Participate in the "Major Fair" event to learn about majors and minors at CI.

• Attend learning assistance workshops offered by Academic Advising and the Learning Resource Center.

• Evaluate the level of effort you are giving in classes, your time management, and the quality of your study techniques.

• If you are undeclared, take electives that are available to you; consider studying something you have had no exposure to or something that interests you.

• Learn the academic system: familiarize yourself with the CI catalog, registration procedures, the deadline for adding/dropping, and course requirements.

• Seek assistance from the University Writing and Multiliteracy Center and the Learning Resource Center.

• Attend lectures and special presentations on campus.

• Participate in the Campus Reading Celebration.


• Find out where Career Development Services is on campus to begin the process of exploring career paths and selecting a major.

• Seek career counseling and take self-assessments to explore and clarify your interests, skills, values and personality type. Check out and (get user name and password through Career Development Services).

• Read newspapers, magazines and books and note what jobs people do and what the stories tell you about the jobs.

• Talk about your career interests or inquiries with parents, friends, professors and other employed professionals.

• Attend workshops offered by Career Development Services.

• Volunteer or join an organization related to your interests.

• Research part-time and summer job opportunities to gain work experience and learn about your work preferences.


• Get settled in and enjoy your freshman year!

• Adjust to college life and connect to resources, people, and activities at CI.

• Build your social skills in order to communicate with people easily and receive valuable information from them.

• Learn about and join organizations/clubs on campus.

• Attend student events offered through:

Keep in mind that you do not need to make a career choice by the end of your freshman year. Your freshman year is the time to learn about different resources at CI and to explore ways to prepare for your future during your time here at CI!