The CSU designates programs as impacted when more applications are received in the initial filing period (October and November for fall terms, June for winter terms, August for spring terms, February for summer terms) than can be accommodated. Some programs are impacted at every campus where they are offered; others are impacted only at some campuses. Candidates for admission must meet supplementary admission criteria if applying to an impacted program.

The CSU will announce during the fall filing period those programs that are impacted and the supplementary criteria campuses will use. That announcement will be published in the CSU Review , distributed to high school and college counselors, and made available online at Information about the supplementary criteria also is sent to program applicants. Detailed impaction information is also available at

Applicants must file your applications for admission to an impacted program during the initial filing period. Applicants who wish to be considered in impacted programs at more than one campus, you they must file an application to each.

Supplementary Admission Criteria [top]

Each campus with impacted programs uses supplementary admission criteria in screening applicants. Supplementary criteria may include ranking on the freshman eligibility index, the overall transfer grade point average, completion of specified prerequisite courses, and a combination of campus-developed criteria. Applicants are required to submit scores on either the SAT I or the ACT and are applying for fall admission, you should take the test as early as possible and no later than October of the preceding year if applying for fall admission.

The supplementary admission criteria used by the individual campuses to screen applicants appear periodically in the CSU Review and are sent , made available by the campuses to all applicants seeking admission to who seek admission to an impacted program.

Unlike unaccommodated applicants to locally impacted programs who may be redirected to another campus in the same major, unaccommodated applicants to systemwide impacted programs may not be redirected in the same major but may choose an alternate major either at the first choice campus or another campus.