Undergraduate students who have maintained continuous attendance at a CSU or California Community College may elect to qualify for graduation from CSUCI under general education, United States history, Constitution and American ideals, and other non-major catalog requirements in effect either (1) at the time they began attending any California Community College or CSU campus, or (2) at the time they entered the CSU campus from which they will graduate, or (3) at the time they graduate from the CSU. (Title 5, Section 40401)

Transfer students, returning students, and students changing their major or minor field of study may be required by the individual program to meet updated major or minor requirements. All students may be subjected to any other requirements mandated by system-wide policy changes affecting all CSU students.

Absence related to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning is not considered an interruption, providing such absence does not exceed two years. The absence must be consistent with the CSU definition of educational leave and with CSU policy.

Students who have been academically disqualified lose previously established catalog rights. (SP04-28)