To enable California State University Channel Islands to fulfill its role and responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff, and students, it is essential to eliminate exposure to the toxic substances produced by tobacco smoke.

This policy implements CSU Executive memorandum 02-108 in accordance with Education Code 89030 and 89031 (Section 1994.30) and Human Resources Coded Memorandum 94-18 and California Assembly Bill 291.

The Associate Vice President, Human Resources Programs, administers this policy at California State University Channel Islands. Questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints should be directed to 805-437-8423.

Applies to all individuals on the campus of California State University Channel Islands and excludes the East Campus of the University.

It is the policy of California State University, Channel Islands to provide an environment free of smoke. Smoking is prohibited in all California State University Channel Islands work locations, meeting, conference, classrooms and student designated buildings including housing. Designated smoking areas are those areas that exceed 50 feet beyond any inhabited structure on the campus. Additionally, smoking is prohibited in any State-owned passenger vehicle including pool vehicles, electric and golf carts on the campus.