Program Offered

  • Minor in Chicano/a Studies

The minor in Chicano/a studies affords students the opportunity to investigate the multi-dimensional culture of the Chicano/a community in the United States. It is, by definition, interdisciplinary and seeks to provide students with a nuanced appreciation of this population. The minor offers non-majors the opportunity to investigate the historical complexities of societies and social movements and their legacies in the present. Therefore the minor serves as a primer to the scholarly appreciation of the past. 

Faculty [top]

Frank Barajas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Sage Hall, Room 242

Lillian Vega-Casteneda, Ed.D.
Professor of Education
Bell Tower Building - West Wing

Contact Information [top]


Requirements for the Minor in Chicano/a Studies (18-20 Units) [top]

Lower Division Requirements (6-8 units)

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (4)
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (4)
SPAN 211 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I (4)
SPAN 212 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II (4)
Six upper division units in Spanish approved by minor advisor. 

Upper Division Requirements (12 units)

Select four courses from the following:
EDUC 451 The Chicano/Mexicano Child & Adolescent (4)
ART/HIST 333 History of Southern California Chicano/a Art (3)
BUS/ECON/HIST 349 History of Business and Economics in  North America (3)
HIST 350 Chicano/a History and Culture (3)
HIST 402 Southern California History and Culture (3)
HIST 421 Revolutionary Mexico, 1876-1930 (3)
Other upper division courses approved by the minor advisor.