RP (Report in Progress) The "RP" symbol is used in connection with courses that extend beyond one academic term. It indicates that work is in progress, but that the assignment of a final grade must await completion of additional work. Work is to be completed within one year except for graduate degree theses.

W (Withdrawal) The "W" symbol indicates that the student was permitted to withdraw from the course after the third week of the semester with the approval of the instructor and appropriate campus officials. It carries no connotation of quality of student performance and is not used in calculating grade point average. See withdrawal procedures in the Catalog.

WU (Withdrawal Unauthorized) The "WU" symbol indicates that an enrolled student did not formally withdraw from the course according to University policy and also failed to complete course requirements. It is used when, in the opinion of the instructor, completed assignments or course activities or both were insufficient to make normal evaluation of academic performance possible. For purposes of grade point average, this symbol is equivalent to an "F."