A student may earn credit toward graduation for courses taken outside of CSU Channel Islands as follows:

Transfer of Undergraduate and Graduate Credit from Another Accredited Institution

Students who were in good standing at another accredited institution may, within maximums, transfer credit for baccalaureate or graduate degree course work. Course equivalency for major requirements is subject to the determination and discretion of the University; students are cautioned that while the University will accept transferred courses for unit credit towards admission, it is under no obligation to accept those same courses for subject credit to fulfill requirements. Policy regarding transfer of courses from California community colleges differs in some respects. Individual program regulations for specific transfer limitations should be consulted.

Transfer of Undergraduate Credit From Accredited Community Colleges

A maximum of 70 semester units earned in a community college may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree, with the following limitations and stipulations:

  1. No upper-division credit may be allowed for courses taken in a community college;
  2. No credit may be allowed for professional courses in education taken in a community college, other than introduction to education courses;
  3. Students who transfer general education certification are still required to complete at least 9 units of upper-division general education courses at CSU Channel Islands.
    Note: Articulation agreements with the California Community Colleges may be found at www.ASSIST.org. ASSIST also provides CSU General Education and IGETC certification lists.