Disability Accommodation Services Counselor and the University Registrar


Students with a documented disability


Priority Registration - Assignment to the first available registration appointment time period for continuing student advance registration.


To be eligible to receive priority registration, a disability-related need must exist which meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Requires pre-arranged support services, such as pre-recorded audiotape or electronic text, large print, Braille materials, other print materials, interpreting services, real-time captioning, adaptive equipment, lab assistants, lab material conversions or extensive programming readers or interpreters that are necessary for accommodation.
  2. Imposes geographical constraints due to mobility speed and/or endurance.
  3. Necessitates preferential seating, selection of professors with certain speech patterns or teaching styles due to communication/learning issues as verified by the DAS Coordinator on a term-by-term basis.
  4. Requires extensive therapy or other medical treatment/intervention that impacts scheduling flexibility significantly (such as chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc). 
All priority registration requests are reviewed and approved by the DAS Coordinator. Eligibility for priority registration will be periodically re-evaluated and prior approval does not constitute automatic entitlement to continued eligibility.

Consideration of graduation time limitation, financial need, sponsorship by programs such as Worker?s Compensation, Department of Rehabilitation, Veterans benefits, private insurance, etc, are not justification for priority registration.