Students who have taken a required course in their major/minor at a college or university other than CSUCI must petition to receive major/minor credit for this course. The Course Substitution of Major or Minor Requirements for Bachelor's Degree is available in the Records Office and Advising Center. Petitions are also available for Request for Course Substitution: General Education/Graduation Requirements and Petition for Exception to a University Policy or Deadline. A photocopy of the course syllabus or catalog course description is required for each course being petitioned. Please note: a final grade of "C" or better is required for the language and multicultural graduation requirements. Advisors in the Advising Center can assist students in completing course substitution petitions. Once completed, all petitions must be submitted to the Records Office, which will then route the petition to the appropriate Faculty Major Advisor, Academic Coordinator, or Committee (GE or Curriculum) for review. A copy of the petition with the determination will be emailed to the student and the original form will be kept in the student's file in the Records Office.>