The Director of Admissions and Recruitment


Any applicant who does not meet the published admission eligibility standards and has received an official denial from the University may submit a letter of appeal to the Admission Appeals Committee.


Admission Appeals Committee: Appointed by the Director of Admissions and Recruitment in consultation with the Senate Executive Committee and composed of faculty, staff, and a student representative.

Denial: A formal letter from the University denying admission.

Extenuating Circumstances: Any condition that the applicant believes explains the reason for failure to meet admission criteria and that warrants the review of the application.

Petition: This may be by form or letter and must include a statement of extenuating factors which includes the potential hardship to be incurred if admission is denied as well as the reason the applicant's past record is not indicative of present capabilities.


Every applicant who has been denied admission to the University may appeal this decision by submitting a letter of appeal requesting that the application be reviewed. Under the purview of the Director of Admissions and Recruitment, the Admissions Appeals Committee regularly reviews these letters along with the original application and supporting documents. The committee will review the appeal and judge whether or not the applicant's petition warrants revising the original denial and whether or not the applicant will likely succeed in the University environment given the explanation and documentation provided. A limited number of admission exceptions are allocated to the campus each academic year. The Committee, therefore, considers a number of factors, normally favoring applicants who are close to qualifying and whose appeal both adequately explains why the student failed to meet admission criteria and demonstrates the motivation to succeed.