The purpose of this policy is to ensure accurate, timely, and effective communication of University business to students either by mail or email.

  1. Mail
    1. Students shall provide the University with a current mailing address.

  2. Email
    1. All students shall receive an email account from the University. Official student email addresses end in Students may have email privileges restricted for disciplinary reasons.
    2. The University shall utilize the ?Dolphin Email? system as the official means of communication to CSUCI students. In the event that the University is unable to communicate with a student using the ?Dolphin Email? system, the University shall communicate with students via the U.S. Postal Service.
    3. Students shall check their ?Dolphin Email? at least once each week.
    4. Students may redirect their University email address to another account. However, the University will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or departmental servers. Instructions for redirecting shall be available on the CSUCI ?Dolphin Email? web site.
    5. Faculty shall determine how electronic forms of communication (e.g. email) will be used in their respective classes and will specify requirements to their students.
    6. All electronic communication shall meet federal and state accessibility requirements.
    7. All email sent to students shall include the name, title, email address, and telephone number of the person sending the email so that the student may verify the integrity of the email.
    8. Personal or identifying information in emails sent to students may only include directory information as defined in the University Catalog under the section entitled ?Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records (FERPA)? unless the student has specified in writing to the Admissions and Records office not to release directory information.
    9. It is a violation of University policy to use University mail or a University email address to impersonate a University office, administrator, faculty, staff member, or student.
    10. Students who are suspended or expelled may have their ?Dolphin Email? account closed. The account shall only be re-opened with approval from the University Community Responsibility and Student Conduct Officer.
    11. Complaints involving harassing email shall be investigated by the University Community Responsibility and Student Conduct Officer.
    12. Students who voluntarily withdraw from the University and have not completed their program degree or have not enrolled for more than one academic year, will have their email account closed at that time.
    13. Only designated University offices are eligible tosend global student emails.
    14. Student email addresses shall not be provided for commercial purposes, personal gain or spamming.

(SP04-20) (SA.07.005)