Program Offered 

  • Minor in Applied Physics

Physics is the fundamental science from which many fields of science and engineering developed. It is essentially an inter-disciplinary undertaking, interacting with computer science, mathematics, the life sciences, medicine, and other disciplines. Applied physics focuses on the hi-tech applications of physics, and on developing technological skills. It applies a thorough analytic understanding of the principles to the complexities of real applications at the frontiers of science and technology, e.g. in imaging and computer vision, electronic instrumentation, and biomedical engineering. The Applied Physics Minor will equip you with the solid cross-disciplinary background that is highly valued by industry and academia. It takes a unifying, systems approach to science and technology to provide you with a strong background in fundamental science and the transferable skills (such as analytical thinking, communication skills, computer literacy and cooperative learning) relevant to a rapidly changing working environment.


The program gives you the opportunity to explore selected area(s) in greater depth, thus providing you with the depth and flexibility to explore a wide variety of career opportunities, including graduate study, medical school, teaching, imaging science, instrumentation, investments and technical management.


Geoff Dougherty, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Aliso Hall, Room 101

Gregory Wood, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics
Aliso Hall, Room 102

Contact Information

Requirements For The Minor In Applied Physics (25 units)

Lower Division Requirements (12 units)

MATH 150 Calculus I (4)
PHYS 200 General Physics I (4)
PHYS 201 General Physics II (4)

Upper Division Requirements (13 units)

  1. Applied Physics (10-11 units)
    PHYS/MATH/COMP 345 Digital Image Processing (3)
    PHYS/BIOL/HLTH 434 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (4)
    and either

    PHYS/MATH/COMP 445 Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition (3)
    PHYS/BIOL/HLTH 464 Medical Instrumentation (4)  
  2. Applied Physics Electives (2-3 units)
    Choose from:

    PHYS 490 Topics in Physics (3)
    PHYS 492 Internship (3)
    PHYS 494 Independent Research (1-3)
    PHYS 497 Directed Studies (1-3)
    PHYS 499 Senior Colloquium (1)