Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with Options in:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Concentrated Studies

Teaching and Learning Option

This option is for students who plan to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher or an elementary-level special education teacher. The Teaching and Learning Option provides the required multiple-subject content preparation for students seeking the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for teaching kindergarten through 8th grade or a Special Education credential. This option includes the subject-matter content specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

Concentrated Studies Option

Students work with a faculty advisor to develop a Program of Study that focuses on a discipline or interdisciplinary area. In addition to students interested in non-traditional or interdisciplinary degree programs, this option will be of interest to students who have taken substantial course work from a four-year institution in a discipline not currently reflected in the majors at CSUCI.


The Teaching and Learning option provides the content necessary for teaching grades K-8 and for admission into teacher education programs, including the Multiple-Subject and Special Education Teaching Credential Programs. Students who are interested in teaching grades 6-12 should consider obtaining a bachelor's degree in a traditional major (e.g. History, English, Math, or Biology) and then apply to be admitted into Single-Subject, Teaching-Credential Programs in History, English, Math, Science or Special Education. The Concentrated Studies Option provides a broadly-based background for entry into professional and/or graduate programs. This option is for students who need flexibility in order to complete their education, or need to prepare for specific careers not represented by California State University Channel Islands' current majors.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Liberal Studies Program will be able to:

  • effectively evaluate oral or written communication for accuracy of content, logic of argument, and clarity of reasoning;
  • demonstrate proficiency in computer literacy, information literacy, and technological literacy;
  • analyze socio-cultural issues including race, class, ethnicity, gender, and language and discuss societal issues that may arise;
  • demonstrate content area knowledge related to their program of study and intended career goals; and
  • demonstrate content area knowledge related to the CCTC content standards for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for graduates from the Teaching and Learning Option.

Faculty Advisors 

The following faculty members have expressed a willingness to serve as advisors for a student's Program of Study in the Concentrated Studies Option in the indicated area:

William H. Adams, Ph.D.
Anthropology, Social Science, Multiculturalism, Oral History, African American History

Mary Adler, Ph.D.
Single-Subject English

Simone Aloisio, Ph.D.
Single-Subject Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Science

Harley Baker, Ed.D.
Human Development

Julia Balen, Ph.D.
Gender and Multicultural Studies

Terry Ballman, Ph.D.

Frank Barajas, Ph.D.
Social Science

Robert E. Bleicher, Ph.D.

Rainer Buschmann, Ph.D.
Social Science

Renny Christopher, Ph.D.
Gender Studies

Maria Denney, Ph.D.
Special Education, Child Development

Geoff Dougherty, Ph.D.
Physics, Medical Imaging

Scott Frisch, Ph.D.
Political Science

Ivona Grzegorczyk, Ph.D.
Single-Subject Mathematics

Phil Hampton, Ph.D.,

Nian-Sheng Huang, Ph.D.
Single-Subject History

Antonio Jimenez-Jimenez, Ph.D.

Liz King, M.F.A.

Joan Peters, Ph.D.
Creative Writing-Fiction and Non-fiction, Oral History and Journalism

Don Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Environmental Science and Resource Management

Peter Smith, Ph.D.
Computers and Computer Science

Lillian Vega-Castaneda, Ed.D.
Language and Culture in Education

Kevin Volkan, Ph.D.
Social Sciences

Ching-Hua Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Single-Subject -Biology, and Pre-Professional Programs

Amy Wallace, M.L.I.S.
Library and Information Science

Contact Information

Advising Center
Bell Tower Building, Room 1552
Fax: 805-437-8857

Credential Information

The Liberal Studies Teaching and Learning Option has been designed to meet the State-approved Multiple Subject Matter Preparation Program. Completion of the Liberal Studies Teaching and Learning Option, a passing score on both the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), and completion of prerequisite courses are required for entrance into CSUCI's Multiple Subject Credential Program. For more information about credential programs see the Education section and contact the CSUCI Credential Office.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies (120 Units)

Requirements for the Teaching and Learning Option (85 - 88 units)

These units include General Education, Liberal Studies Core, Emphasis, and Capstone courses. Requirements for the Emphases are available from the Advising Center. Three of the six units of the American Institutions Requirement and 36- 39 units of General Education are included in the Core for the Teaching and Learning Option.

Required Core Courses (76-79 units)

  1. Reading, Language, and Literature (15-18 units)
    COMM 210 Interpersonal Communication (3)
    ENGL 105 Composition and Rhetoric I (3)
    ENGL 102 Stretch Composition I (3)
    ENGL 103 Stretch Composition II (3)
    ENGL 212 Children's Literature (3)
    ENGL 315 Introduction to Language Structure and Linguistics (3)
    ENGL 475 Language in Social Context (3)

  2. History and Social Science (21 units)
    HIST 211 World Civilizations: Origins to 1500 (3)
    HIST 212 World Civilizations: Since 1500 (3)
    ANTH 310 Civilizations of an Ancient Landscape:
    World Archeology (3)
    HIST 365 Themes in World History (3)
    EDUC 101 Introduction to Education (3)
    EDUC 320 Education in Modern Society (3)
    HIST 275 The United States to 1900 (3)
    HIST 369 California History and Culture (3)
    ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology (3)

  3. Mathematics (6 units)
    MATH 208 Modern Math for Elementary Teaching I: Numbers and Problem Solving (3)
    MATH 308 Modern Math for Elementary School Teaching II: Geometry, Probability & Statistics (3)

  4. Science (15 units)
    BIOL 170 Foundations of Life Science (4)
    PHSC 170 Foundations in Physical Science (4)
    GEOL 300 Foundations of Earth Science (4)
    COMP 101 Computer Literacy (3)

  5. Visual and Performing Arts (6 units)
    ART 102 Multicultural Children's Art (3)
    PAMU 243 Teaching Music to Children (3)

  6. Physical Education and Health (4 units)
    PHED 302 Motor Learning, Fitness and Development in Children (2)
    HLTH 322 Health Issues in Education (2)

  7. Human Development, Learning and Cognition (6 units)
    PSY 213 Developmental Psychology (3)
    SPED 345 Individuals with Disabilities in Society (3)

  8. Capstone (3 units)
    LS 499 Capstone Project (3)
    The capstone project (LS 499) must be passed with a grade of "B" or better for the Teaching and Learning Option.


Required Emphasis (9 units)

Nine additional units must be taken from one of the following Emphases:

  • Reading, Language and Literature
  • History and Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Human Development and Psychology
  • Bilingual Studies: Spanish/ English

Required Supporting, GE and Elective Courses (32-35 units)

COMM/EDUC 345 Media Literacy and Youth Culture (3)

Foreign Language (3 units)

(May double count for Reading, Language and Literature Emphasis; Spanish language may double count for Bilingual Studies)

American Institutions Requirement (3 units)

Electives (23-26 units)

(Must satisfy General Education categories A3 and C2 if not covered in emphasis)

Additional Courses (0-10)

Students are strongly encouraged to take. EDUC 510, EDUC 512, EDUC 520, and EDUC 521 as electives since these courses are prerequisites for admission to the CSUCI Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential Program.

The Liberal Studies Program requires that all major courses be completed with a grade of "C" or better in the Teaching and Learning Option.

Special Note: Students who plan to enter a teaching credential program in California will be required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.67 OR a 2.75 GPA in the last 60 units of their baccalaureate degree to be eligible for admission to the post baccalaureate credential program.


Requirements for the Concentrated Studies Option (57 units)

This option consists of a 9 unit Core, a 45 unit Program of Study, and a 3 unit Capstone. In order for a student to have their Program of Study approved, it must be developed with a tenure-track faculty advisor. General Education may not be double-counted with the requirements for this Option.

Required Core Courses (9 Units)

Choose one course from each of the following 3 core areas. (Note: the courses listed under Multicultural Studies meet the Multicultural Graduation Requirement for students who are General Education certified. For a complete list of eligible Multicultural Studies courses, see General Education Requirements in the catalog.)

  1. Advanced Writing Course (3 units)
    ENGL 330 Writing in the Disciplines (3)
    ENGL 478 Writing and Metacognition (3)

  2. Multicultural Studies (3 units)
    Any three unit course approved for General Education, Area C3B. (See General Education requirements in the university catalog)

  3. Computer Literacy (3 units)
    COMP 101 Computer Literacy (3)


Program of Study (45 units)

The Program of Study must be arranged with a faculty advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue a minor as part of the Program of Study. A minimum of 24 units must be upper-division. Community college courses may be used in the Program of Study provided they are approved by the faculty advisor and are not used to meet General Education or the American Institutions Requirements. Students must select a faculty advisor within the first 60 days after they begin taking coursework at CSUCI and submit their initial Program of Study to the Advising Center. A list of faculty who are willing to serve as advisors to the Concentrated Studies Option students is provided at the beginning of this catalog description.

Capstone (3 units)

All students must enroll in LS 499 during the final year prior to graduation.

LS 499 Capstone Project (3)

The Capstone project (LS 499) must be passed with a grade of "B" or better.

Required Supporting and other GE Courses (63 units)

Other courses may be needed to meet Foreign Language Graduation Requirements (3 units), American Institutions Requirements (6 units), and General Education requirements and electives (54 units).

The Liberal Studies Program requires that all major courses be completed with a grade of "C" or better in the Concentrated Studies Option.