Stephen R. Lefevre
(Associate Vice President, Programs and Planning)

Production Director

Kathy Musashi (Academic Affairs)

Damon Blue (Student Affairs)
Callie Juarez (Academic Affairs)
Rosa Rodriguez (Academic Affairs)
Joanna Murphy (Communications and Marketing)
Peter Mosinskis (Information Technology)
Therese Eyermann (Office of the President)
Nancy Gill (Communications and Marketing)
Luke Matjas (Art Faculty)
Toni Rice (Student Affairs)
Janet Rizzoli (Academic Affairs)
Theresa Olivio (Finance & Administration)
Melissa Remotti (Office of the President)
Ryan Garcia (Information Technology)
Jed Cunningham (Student Assistant, Information Technology)
Eric Martin (Student Assistant, Information Technology)
James Blocksom (Student Assistant, Information Technology)
Muir Freeland (Student Assistant, Information Technology)
Shannon O'Reilly (Student Assistant, Academic Affairs)

Cover Photo

Ben Hipple

Catalog Cover Design & Layout

Lupita Gutierrez (Communications and Marketing)

Additional Photos

Jessel Aspuria, Meghan Brandon, Lupita Gutierrez, Liz King, Larry Lytle, Yearbook Staff, Joanna Murphy, Kathy Musashi, Christianna O’Reilly, Brian Pichette, Ceal Potts

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