The Chief of Police and the Director of Transportation and Parking Services.


This policy applies to all California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) employees, students, tenants, volunteers and visitors.


Students - Students are defined as anyone that is enrolled in classes and is primarily on campus to pursue their educational goals. This excludes full time and permanent part time employees.

Employees - For the purpose of this policy, ?employees? includes all faculty, staff, temporary employees, and other support personnel employed by the university, excluding unit 11 employees. (Note: Student part time workers, graduate assistants and teaching associates are excluded from this definition because they are primarily on campus for purposes related to obtaining their educational goal and therefore are not considered employees for the purpose of the policy.)

Tenants - Tenants are defined as any organization, person or employees of an organization or person(s) with an executed lease with CSUCI.

University Property - University property is defined as all property owned, leased, and /or controlled by CSUCI.


Operation and parking of vehicles on the campus is regulated and enforced pursuant to the California Vehicle Code. All California Vehicle Code laws pertaining to vehicular operation and parking are in effect and enforced on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Citations will be issued for violations of any section of the California Vehicle Code. Citation Appeals and Administrative Hearings procedures shall be in accordance with the California Vehicle Code sections 40215 and 40220.

The following policy and regulations apply on campus.


Parking on campus is by permit only with the exception of metered and visitor spaces. Parking is allowed only in lots appropriate to the permit purchased. Unless indicated by signage, street parking is prohibited on campus and outlying areas.

  • Employees: All employees utilizing the parking facilities at CSUCI for their privately owned vehicles will be required to pay a parking fee.
  • Students and Tenants: Students and Tenants are required to purchase parking and may utilize metered parking or parking lots appropriate to the permit purchased.
  • Disabled Students Parking Fee Waiver: To facilitate the parking needs of students with disabilities, the California State University Channel Islands Parking Services may issue a parking permit on a semester basis to students with disabilities if they meet the following criteria:
    • Proof of registration at California State University Channel Islands for the period specified in the waiver;
    • A disability placard or license plate issued in their name from the California Department of Motor Vehicles or appropriate authorization from another state;
    • Proof of eligibility for Federal Financial Aid from the campus Financial Aid Office for the period specified in the waiver.
  • Visitors: Persons not employed by the campus, who are visiting the campus for the purpose of transacting State business with the campus or visitors that are designated by authorized administrators to assist with the planning and development of the campus may have their parking fees waived. All other visitors must either utilize metered zones or designated visitor spaces, purchase a daily parking permit, or be sponsored by a campus department or tenant and utilize a guest parking permit.

Speed Limits

  • The maximum speed limit is 20 mph on campus unless otherwise posted.
  • The speed limit in the parking lots is 5 miles per hour.

Bicycles and Skateboarders

  • The use of skateboards, motorized skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, coasters, or similar devices on campus is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to store or park bicycles in any public location other than a bicycle rack or locker.

Vehicle Storage

  • No storage of vehicles is permitted on campus streets or parking lots.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be towed away at vehicles owner?s expense.
  • No person shall use any motor vehicle in any area on campus for the purpose of human habitation or camping.

Vehicle Repairs

  • No repair of private vehicles shall take place on campus with the exception of jump starting a dead battery or fixing a flat tire.
    For further regulatory information, definitions, and procedures refer to Exhibit; Parking and Traffic Regulations Manual.