The Vice President for Student Affairs and the office of Student Leadership and Community  


All registered students at CSUCI, non-academic functions and external campus constituencies.


  1. Written materials identified by authorship and sponsorship may be sold or distributed on campus within the guidelines of propriety and responsible journalism as established and supervised by the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee. The distribution of such materials by student organizations, as approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, is permitted provided steps have been taken to preserve the orderliness of the campus.
  2. The distribution of materials or circulation of petitions to captive audiences such as those in classrooms, at registration, in study areas, or in residential units will not be allowed without prior permission. Such permission may be requested from the pertinent University Vice President or designee. 
  3.  Non-university or off-campus printed materials shall not be distributed or circulated by students or student organizations without first being approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.
  4. Non-campus community members may not distribute or sell materials without seeking approval from the appropriate Vice President or designee, and in some instances may be required to obtain sponsorship from a registered student club or organization prior to receiving approval. Non-campus community members may be charged a fee for the distribution of written materials to students, faculty or staff.
  5. All materials, flyers, leaflets, and brochures to be posted on campus from students, student clubs and organizations and non-university affiliated community groups must first be approved by the office of Student Leadership and Community or other appropriate university department. Other University departments may also supply materials to be posted to the office of Student Leadership and Community who will place materials in appropriate display cases and bulletin boards around campus. Every effort will be made to post requested materials within 24 hours from the time the materials are approved. All materials will be removed 14 days after approval or after the event is complete whichever comes first. Students should in no way tack, stick, glue, paste, pin, staple, or otherwise affix any materials on any door, wall, window, or other surface on campus without prior approval from the office of Student Leadership and Community.