Financial Aid office


All registered students at CSUCI receiving financial aid assistance.


This policy has four conditions which must be met to be eligible for financial aid. Students who have been awarded financial aid and do not meet these conditions will have their aid canceled for the subsequent semester.

Part One: Acceptable Passing Rate
(Quantitative Standards)

Quantitative standards are assessed by dividing the overall ratio of a student’s cumulative units (of classes passed) by the cumulative CSUCI units taken. As students progress in their academic career, the expected ratio or percentage increases. The required ratios are represented in the chart below.

  Class levelPercentage of cumulative units taken which must be passed.
Undergraduate degree

Senior/2nd BA


Post-baccalaureate Credential  90%
Graduate degree  90%

 Part Two: Acceptable Grade Point Average
(Qualitative Standards)

Students disqualified by the University are ineligible for financial aid based on qualitative standards.

Part Three: Unit and Time Limits

Students working toward their first undergraduate degree are limited to 150 earned units (including accepted transfer units towards the degree program). Students who have earned their first undergraduate degree and are enrolled in a second baccalaureate program are limited to 48 earned units. Students in a credential program are limited to 48 earned units including prerequisite courses. Students in a master’s program are limited to 48 earned units including prerequisite courses.

Part Four: Other Provisions

  • Any student whose academic history shows a pattern of enrollment indicating an inability or unwillingness to progress, such as numerous withdrawals or enrollment inconsistent with the student’s educational objective, may be regarded as ineligible for future financial aid.
  • Students who exceed the university limit of credit/no credit units while receiving financial aid funds are subject to review of continued eligibility.
  • Students who have completed all undergraduate degree course requirements but have not graduated for any reason are not eligible for funding.
  • Any financial aid award is tentative until the academic record is reviewed. For entering transfer students, the review is based on the academic record on file at the time of first consideration (or when information becomes available).
  • Failure to complete units in any term is evidence of failure to make reasonable academic progress. Students in this category will be disqualified from receiving aid the following term and may be subject to repayment of previous term aid received.
  • Academic progress can be reevaluated at other times identified by the Financial Aid office.