This policy is administered through the Community Responsibility and Student Conduct Officer. Questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints should be directed to Community Responsibility and Student Conduct. The Community Responsibility and Student Conduct Officer is responsible for assisting students regarding alleged sexual harassment and resolving situations in which sexual harassment occurs or is perceived as occurring; educating CSU Channel Islands students regarding the issue of sexual harassment and developing strategies for its elimination; and conducting investigations and responding to allegations of sexual harassment made against students of CSU Channel Islands. These responses may include an appropriate action to remedy the complainant's loss, if any.


This policy applies to all students including student applicants as it relates to all University programs and services. Employees should refer to the California State University System-wide Policy.


California State University Channel Islands will not tolerate sexually harassing conduct within its community and will take all reasonable steps to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment is conduct subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion. Sexual harassment may also result in legal action against the individual and university. Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature;
  • Conduct of a sexual nature that is unwelcome and contributes to a learning environment that is hostile, intimidating, offensive, or adverse to persons;
  • Conditioning an academic act, decision, evaluation, or recommendation on the submission to or tolerance of any act of a sexual nature.

In determining whether conduct constitutes sexual harassment, all of the circumstances surrounding the conduct are considered.

The prohibition against sexual harassment applies to all University related activities, whether on or off campus.

CSU Channel Islands will not tolerate any retaliatory action or other reprisals against those persons who: (a) oppose practices prohibited by this policy; (b) file complaints of sexual harassment; or (c) assist with or participate in a sexual harassment investigation, proceeding, or hearing conducted by CSU Channel Islands or any local, state, or federal agency. Individuals are encouraged to report any conduct that might constitute sexual harassment to any Student Affairs Administrator or to Human Resources Programs.

* The parameters of  'sexual harassment' are defined by State and Federal statutes and Court decisions. While the policy set forth above describes actions which fall generally within the scope of 'sexual harassment,' all CSU students are required to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes congeniality within our community and avoids harassment as defined by State and Federal law.