Please consult the University Catalog, Student Guidebook, or for more information on the following areas.

Mission of the Division of Student Affairs

Placing students at the center of their educational experience, the Division of Student Affairs supports and enhances learning and the University community through quality activities, facilities, programs, and services.

Vice President for Student Affairs office

The purpose of the Vice President for Student Affairs office is to recommend policies and procedures that will ensure a coordinated delivery and assessment system of student programs and services throughout the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), which includes Enrollment Services, Student Life, Housing and Residential Education and Athletics and Campus Recreation. This includes a comprehensive clearing system which tracks and reports budgets and expenditures; implements or manages special projects; produces and distributes internal and external student communication; and hires, trains and provides staff development for the DSA. The Vice President for Student Affairs office, in its support of the educational mission of the institution, also provides co-curricular education initiatives while coordinating program assessment and evaluation for all units within the Division.

Associated Students, Inc.

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is a direct report to the Vice President for Student Affairs and governed by the ASI Board, which is comprised of students, administrators, faculty and a member of the community. Various programs, services and support are provided through the area of Student Life for the day-to-day functions of ASI. All registered students are members of ASI and pay both an associated student fee and a student body center fee as part of their registration. ASI is the umbrella organization for Student Government, Student Programming Board, the student newspaper, Channel Islands View, and The Nautical yearbook.

Athletics and Campus Recreation


Intercollegiate athletics at CSUCI supports the University mission by providing comprehensive co-curricular programming through competitive sports. Athletics at CSUCI will be designed and maintained to reflect its role as a campus and community service. However, it should be noted that the primary focus of athletics will always be student-athlete based.

Campus Recreation

Through its programs and services, Campus Recreation assists students in creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles by balancing the demands of academic pursuits with the benefits of “wellness” through physical fitness, competition and recreation. Campus Recreation provides programming and activities in the following eight categories: Intramural Sports, Informal Recreation, Sports Clubs, Instructional Programs, Health and Fitness, Waterfront, Outdoor Adventures and Special Events. Campus Recreation programs are created using the University’s “Dimensions of Development,” which include: Values & Integrity, Expression, Health, Intellectual, Intra/emnterpersonal, Citizenship, Creativity, Cultural, and Life & Career Planning.

Housing and Residential Education

On-campus living at CSUCI is unique in concept and design. Unlike traditional campus housing, the University has constructed living arrangements that are tailored for today’s academic-minded student who wants quality on-campus housing at a reasonable price. There are two villages that offer an array of amenities to enhance the student’s University experience.

Santa Cruz Village

As the University’s second phase of student housing, Santa Cruz Village (SCV) opened in fall 2007 and is home to 460 freshmen and sophomores. SCV is comprised of two-bedroom, one bathroom, furnished semi-suites shared by four students. There are also a limited number of single semi-suites.

Anacapa Village

Reserved primarily for our upper-division students but accommodating some sophomores, Anacapa Village (AV) is comprised of 87 four-bedroom, two bathroom apartments. These apartments are shared by four students, so each student has the privacy of their own bedroom. Each apartment is fully furnished and includes living and dining room furniture.

Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services includes Admissions and Recruitment, Financial Aid, and Registrar’s Office. Student questions concerning graduation, degree audits, scholarships, federal work study, veterans’ benefits, and California residency eligibility may be answered in the Enrollment Center.

Dean of Enrollment office

The purpose of the Dean of Enrollment’s office is to develop, support and assess policies, processes and programs that assist in admitting, supporting, and graduating students. Through collaboration with stakeholders outside the area and the admissions, recruitment, financial aid, and records/registration teams, the Dean’s office assists in developing and implementing comprehensive programs designed to promote University access, success for enrolled students, and the mission of the University.

Registrar’s Office


The Registrar’s Office maintains timely and accurate records on enrollment, and the academic progress and accomplishments of its students, while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.


Registration activities for new and continuing students, including eligibility for registration and assignment of registration appointments, is managed by the Registrar’s Office. Students enroll in classes on the web through myCSUCI.


Verification of degree requirements is a function of the Registrar’s Office office. Students must file for graduation for the term in which they will have completed all requirements. Application for graduation must be made by the published deadline.

Veterans Services

Students who are eligible for benefits as a veteran, dependent of a veteran or reservist should contact the V.A. Specialist in the Enrollment Center. Services available include assistance in applying for educational benefits and education certification. Students planning to attend CSU Channel Islands should contact their local Veterans Services office or the regional Veterans Affairs office at .

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office assists students in obtaining financial aid resources to meet their educational costs. Students interested in financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be obtained in the Enrollment Center, although the recommended method of application is through the online application at: . A variety of financial aid resources are available to students, including grants, loans, federal work study, and scholarships. CSU Channel Islands’ federal Title IV School Code is 039803.

Important Financial Aid web sites:

Student Life

Student Life provides learning opportunities that encourage and empower students to become competent, responsible and involved citizens.

Dean of Students office

The Dean of Students office promotes and establishes an environment that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being of students. Consistent with the mission of CSUCI, our student access, orientation, leadership, career, health and Community Responsibility and Student Conduct programs, services and activities are designed to support as well as enhance the overall quality of life for students while facilitating their development to become productive world citizens.

Community Responsibility and Student Conduct

The Judicial Affairs office develops, disseminates, interprets, and enforces campus regulations; protects the relevant legal rights of students; addresses student behavioral problems in an effective and educational manner; facilitates and encourages respect for campus governance; and provides learning experiences for students who participate in the operations of the judicial system.

Leadership, Career and Health

Leadership, Career and Health provides leadership opportunities for students and is directly responsible for a variety of exciting co-curricular activities and events. Programs and services include: Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Programs; Associated Students, Inc. (Student Government, Student Programming Board, Channel Islands View student newspaper and The Nautical yearbook); Career Development Services; Counseling & Psychological Services; Student Health Services; Student Leadership Programs; Student Clubs and Organizations; and The Hub (temporary Student Union).

Access, Orientation and Transition

The purpose of Access, Orientation and Transition is to create educational opportunities that promote and foster respect and understanding among all individuals and cultures. The various programs within Access, Orientation and Transition facilitate a welcoming and sage environment for students to learn and develop while offering services and resources that create equal access to education. Programs and services include: Disability Accommodations and Support Services; Educational Opportunity Program (EOP); the Multicultural and Women’s & Gender Student Center; New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs; and Campus Interfaith.

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