CI President Richard R. Rush

Dear CSUCI Student:

As we have seen in 2007, the new year and spring semester promise many surprises for CSUCI. The much-anticipated opening of the John Spoor Broome Library will occur; additional evening courses are being expanded to help new and returning students further their academic studies; and the prospect of introducing intercollegiate athletics will generate much interest and pride for the University.

As we reflect on the many accomplishments of the past five years, what has been most significant are the ongoing comments we receive from students, parents, alumni, employers, and graduate schools, praising the caliber of our students and faculty and our commitment to academic excellence.

The culmination of the spring semester promises to generate much excitement as another academic year comes to an end, students graduate, and important campus projects are completed. I invite you to learn and enjoy from all your experiences at CSUCI and wish you much success during the spring semester.


Signature of Richard R. Rush

Richard R. Rush