The University offers many courses that contain on-line elements, including the use of Blackboard. However, some courses require students to complete all or most of the coursework in an on-line format.

For the following courses offered in a completely on-line format students can obtain access to course information following registration through Blackboard:

2969BIOL 332Sec 1
1086COMP 101Sec 8
1216COMP 105Sec 2
3095COMP 337Sec 1
1096COMP 447Sec 1
1097COMP 449Sec 1
3399HLTH 322Sec 4
1038MATH 331Sec 1
3504NRS 306Sec 1
3334PSY 449Sec 1

For additional information about the use of Canvas please refer to the Canvas section of ATS.

Students should attend the initial scheduled course meeting for additional information about these courses.