In Spring 2015 CI will offer state-supported undergraduate courses at the Thousand Oaks Extended University Campus. The campus offers several classrooms and a computer lab in addition to other facilities and is located at 501 Marin St, Suite 200, Thousand Oaks.

Parking: Students must park in areas designated for CI. Parking is free.

Classes scheduled to be offered at Thousand Oaks in the Spring include:

ClassSectionClass TitleDaysTime
COMM 3251Media CampaignsMW09:00AM-10:15AM
FIN 3001Business FinanceMW01:30PM-02:45PM
MGT 3073Management of OrganizationsTh03:00PM-05:50PM
MIS 3101Management Info SystemsMW04:30PM-05:45PM
PSY 3012Psych Res and Stats Meth IIM03:00PM-05:50PM
PSY 3013APsych Res and Stats Meth IIW02:00PM-03:50PM
PSY 3014APsych Res and Stats Meth IIW04:00PM-05:50PM

Please see online schedule of classes for complete details for course offerings.

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