myCI is the single point of access for major campus applications, including CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin Email, CI Docs, and Dolphin Files.

Students can use myCI to:

  • Access CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin Email, CI Docs, and Dolphin Files using a single user name + password
  • Recover their Dolphin Password automatically (in case it is forgotten).

Logging in to myCI:

Dolphin Name: firstname.lastname + 3 digits (example: pat.smith123)

Your Dolphin Password is activated from the activation form located on the myCI page. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the myCI home page.

CI Learn is a web-based course management program that enables instructors to present course content and interact with their students via the Web.

If you are new to CI, your CI Learn courses will be created once you have completed the registration process.

CI Learn courses are created automatically using the Registrar’s data. If you do not see your courses appear, it may mean that your course instructor has not made the course available yet or has chosen not to use CI Learn for the course.

Help with CI Learn can be found at:

CI Docs is web based word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and file storage system based on Google Docs and accessible from anywhere through a web browser.

Dolphin Files is a web-based file storage system that allows you to store files that can be accessed from anywhere.

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