Please make every effort to complete all your changes during the first three weeks of the semester.

* Student eligibility for financial aid is based on enrollment. A student who completely withdraws from semester may be subject to repayment (including medical withdrawals). Financial aid recipients should consult a financial aid representative for additional information.

Criteria for Add/Drop

Students should note that a deficient academic performance is not a sufficient reason for dropping a class after the third week. Students must present proof of a serious and compelling reason for withdrawal. Please see the Registration section of this Schedule of Classes for procedures.

Term Withdrawal

A term withdrawal constitutes complete withdrawal from the University for the term in question. Beginning with the fourth week of the semester, students who find it necessary to withdraw from the University for serious and compelling reasons will be required to present documentation in addition to the Term Withdrawal form, supporting their request. Financial aid recipients should consult a financial aid representative regarding the implications of a complete withdrawal. Students living on campus should also consult with Housing & Residential Education concerning their contractual obligations. The Term Withdrawal form can be found on the Registrar's Office Forms Library.

Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal Requests are limited to 18 units during your academic career at CI. After this total is reached, further course withdrawal is not allowed. View your totals by logging into myCI, and selecting CI Records in the menu. Once you are in the Student Center, click on the "other academic..." drop-down box, and select Withdrawals/Repeats.

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