The California Mini-Corps office at Cal State Channel Islands is one of 23 Mini-Corps Program locations throughout the state. The California Mini-Corps Program started in 1967 as part of Title 1, P.L. 93-380, and is sponsored by the State Department of Education Compensatory Education Migrant Section office.

The Mini-Corps' program objectives are twofold:

  • To provide direct tutoring services to migrant children performing below grade level; and
  • To increase the number of professional educators who are specially trained, experienced and committed to working with migrant children.

Mini-Corps participants are full-time, undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in education. Mini-Corps participants work as teacher assistants in public schools providing direct instructional services to migrant children. Mini-Corps participants work under the direction of certificated teachers and are supervised by a Mini-Corps College Coordinator. Participants are paid an hourly wage for their work in the program and also receive in-service training through educational workshops.

Those in the Mini-Corps Program strive to fulfill the following purposes:

  • To provide direct and categorical services to migrant children while working in classrooms as aides or teacher assistants
  • To develop a corps of bilingual teachers who are highly skilled and sensitive in teaching children of migrant farm workers
  • To serve as role models for migrant children
  • To help classroom teachers better understand the migrant child and his culture
  • To provide a communication link between the migrant child, his parents and the school.

More information on how to join the Mini-Corps program.

For additional information about the Mini-Corps Program,
Sandra Cortes-Montecalvo
Phone: 805-437-8823
Madera Hall 2704

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