The following are commonly asked questions by students required to participate in Early Start.

Where can I take Early Start courses?
Summer session courses will be offered at all CSU campuses. Incoming students may participate at any CSU campus that is most convenient for them. In fact, students may take Early Start math at one campus and Early Start English at another.

Incoming freshmen may also fulfill their Early Start requirement at a California Community College, accredited private institution or at an accredited institution in another state. Students choosing this option are required to send official transcripts to their home campus (where they’ll be studying in the fall) once the Early Start coursework is completed. 

How much does Early Start cost?
Early Start has a common fee across all 23 CSU campuses. The estimated fee for 2018 is $182 per unit plus $2 in misc. fees (Health Facilities and Student Union), which are subject to change based on approved fee increases.

California residents who apply for financial aid and have an EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) of 5,000 or less are eligible for a waiver of the per-unit fee. Students who qualify for a fee waiver will be able to see it on their Early Start Smart Page when they click “Enroll in Early Start.” If the message indicates that the student is eligible for a waiver but also shows that a fee is owed, then the student must contact their home campus (where they will be enrolled in the fall).

Campus parking fees and purchasing of textbooks are additional expenses and not covered by financial aid.

I will be attending CSUCI in the fall. How do I register and pay for Early Start courses held at CSUCI?Students must login to their myCI and indicate on their Smart Page (PDF, 334 KB) that they intend to take classes at CI. Registration instructions will follow within 48 hours after completing their Smart Page. Information on how to complete the Smart Page can be found here:

Students must register and pay for Early Start classes by July 2 and July 5, 2017, respectively. A student’s admission to CSUCI is subject to being canceled for failure to enroll in and satisfactorily complete the Early Start program by the established deadlines.

Follow CSUCI’s How to Enroll Guide (PDF, 392KB) to learn how to enroll in Early Start courses at CSUCI, which are offered through Extended University. For help in selecting a course, please email for assistance at least 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline.

How to register for Early Start:
For more information, please visit the Early Start Registration Page.

The university uses a system called CashNet to process payment for Early Start classes. A tutorial on how to use CashNet may be found at

Students are at risk for being disenrolled in Early Start courses for failure to meet the payment deadline (see "Early Start Deadlines" section).

I will be attending CSUCI in the fall. How do I register and pay for Early Start courses at another CSU campus?
Students planning to enroll at CSUCI in the fall but intending to take Early Start classes at another CSU campus must login to their myCI and indicate on their Smart Page (PDF, 334 KB) where they plan to take Early Start classes. Students should plan to complete their Smart Page no later than June 15, 2018.

The CSU campus where students plan to take Early Start will email them information regarding how to sign up for classes. 
It is important for students to check both their home and campus email to receive registration information as well as how to create a student portal account for the service campus (the campus where they plan to take their Early Start classes). Students may not use their home campus’s log-in information to register at another CSU campus.

Students must register and pay for Early Start classes by the deadline established by the service campus (where they will be taking Early Start). If students fail to declare where they plan to take Early Start classes by the established deadline (see “Early Start Deadlines” section), their only option will be to enroll in CSUCI’s Early Start Program. This means they will need to register and pay by the deadlines (see “Early Start Deadlines” section) established by CI.

I will NOT be attending CSUCI in the fall. How do I register for Early Start courses at CSUCI?
Students who will be attending another CSU campus in the fall may elect to fulfill their Early Start requirement at CSUCI by completing the Smart Page for the CSU campus in which they will be attending in the fall. CSUCI’s Extended Education program will send students information on how to register and pay for their classes.

Follow CI’s How to Enroll Guide (PDF, 392 KB) to learn how to enroll in Early Start courses. Students must use the log-in information they were sent by CSUCI to register for their Early Start classes.

CSUCI’s Early Start classes are offered through Extended University. Students must contact Extended University (805.437.2748) if they do not receive registration information after 48 hours.

The campus I want to take a class at is full. What do I do next?
If the registration deadline has not passed, the student will need to register for an alternative course at that campus.


When and how will I receive confirmation that I have registered and/or paid for Early Start courses offered at CSUCI?
Students will receive an email within 48 hours after their registration and/payment was received. Students are to contact Extended University at 805.437.2748 if they do not receive such confirmation.

What happens if my Early Start course at CSUCI is cancelled?
Early Start courses may be canceled due to low enrollment. Should that happen, you will be contacted by Extended University and provided with an option to attend another class offered at a different time, if one is available, or a full refund and a referral to another CSU campus offering a similar class.

How do I contact the professor for a course offered at CSUCI?
Professors may be contacted through the CI Learn course portal 1 to 2 weeks before the first day. The course portal will be activated for students in their myCI account 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the class. The professor will post all pertinent information about the course, including whether a textbook is required, on CI Learn.

Where do I go on the day of Early Start at CSUCI?
Students who will be attending CSUCI in the fall may view their classroom assignments by logging into their myCI, clicking CI Records, and viewing the “Academics” section. “Academics” is where students will see their class schedule with room assignments.

Students who will be attending a different CSU campus in the fall should refer to instructions emailed by that campus.

For a CSUCI campus map, please visit

What should I bring with me to my Early Start class? 
Unless instructed otherwise, please bring a pencil and paper.

How much is parking at CSUCI?
Parking at CSUCI is available at $6 (subject to change) for a daily permit and may be purchased in dispensers located in lots A1, A2, and A4. For more information and directions to campus, log on to

Where can I eat on the CSUCI campus?
During the summer, the Town Center marketplace, coffee shop and dining facilities will be open. For more information on hours, please visit:

If I have further questions about the CSUCI course in which I am registered, what office do I call?
Please call Extended University at 805-437-2748.

When will I receive my Early Start grades?
Early Start grades are received in batches from CSU campuses once Early Start programs are completed (beginning in early-to-mid-August). Verification of completion will be sent to the student’s home campus (where they will be studying in the fall). The student’s To Do List will be updated once scores are received from the professor. 

How can students who will be attending CSUCI in the fall view their Early Start grades?
Students will be able to view their grades via their myCI portal starting mid-August. To access their scores, students will click on CI Records. Under Academics, students then select “Course History” from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. Click “ok,” and they will be directed to a new page with their Early Start scores.