Early Start will be available for students for Fall 2022. Further communication will be provided to students as updates are received.

What is Early Start?

The Early Start Program serves CSU admitted freshmen who need to improve their skills in Written Communication and/or Mathematics as determined by systemwide placement standards. With an early start in these pivotal subjects, students will improve their chances not only to succeed in their first year but also to complete their college degree.

Participation in the Early Start Program is required for students needing skills development in these subject areas. Students are expected to enroll in a written communication course or a mathematics/quantitative reasoning course (but not both) during the summer period prior to the start of fall term. Student determined to need skills development in both subject areas are advised to participate in an Early Start mathematics/quantitative reasoning course at minimum.

CSU Channel Islands freshmen are encouraged to complete their Early Start courses at CSUCI. This will provide an opportunity to integrate into the campus community and help ensure a smooth transition to their fall semester. Students may choose to enroll in Early Start courses offered at any other CSU campus. This may be appropriate for non-local students. The earned baccalaureate credit will be transferred automatically to the student’s destination campus (where they will be studying in the fall). Browse Early Start course information by visiting https://csustudentsuccess.org/early-start-overview.

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