What is Early Start?

The purpose of the Early Start Program is to better prepare students in English and/or Mathematics before they enter their freshman year of college. With an Early Start in these pivotal subjects, students will improve their chances not only to succeed in their first year but also to complete their college degree.

Students are encouraged to fulfill the Early Start requirement at the campus where they will attend in the fall; however, they may enroll in one of many in-person and online courses offered throughout the CSU. In addition, students may fulfill the Early Start requirement at a California Community College or other accredited institution if available. Students must contact the admissions office where they will enroll in the fall prior to selecting this option.

If you are required to participate in Early Start, then you must do so in order to enroll in fall classes. Your admission is subject to cancellation for failure to enroll in and satisfactorily complete the Early Start Program by the established deadlines (see “Early Start Deadlines” section).

Students who are unable to participate in Early Start because of extenuating circumstances beyond their control must submit a written appeal. Please visit the Admissions Appeals webpage for more information. All requests must be received in the Admissions Office by the established deadline (see "Early Start Deadlines" section).

Browse Early Start course information by visiting http://earlystart.csusuccess.org. Please visit the FAQ section for how to designate the campus where you plan to fulfill your Early Start requirement.