Entry Level Mathematics / English Placement Test

The Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) and English Placement Test (EPT) are mandatory exams required before a student can enroll at California State University Channel Islands. The exams are not used to establish admission eligibility, but are used to determine which level of Mathematics and English courses you are prepared to enroll in.

Test Day Guidelines

Testing Accommodations

There are a number of ways to be exempt from taking the ELM and EPT. If you have completed other testing such as the SAT, ACT, AP exams, or the EAP (Early Assessment Program), also known as CAASPP or Smarter Balanced Assessment), you may have received an exemption from having to take the ELM and/or EPT. If you are not exempt from the ELM and/or EPT, you must take the exam(s) in order to attend new student orientation and enroll in classes.

The New Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

In March 2016, the College Board began administering a redesigned SAT. Most fall 2016 entering first-time freshmen would have taken the long-standing (“old”) version of the test and would not be affected by this change. However, there may be a few students who have taken the new version. The test redesign for the SAT also necessitated a review of the cut scores for the ELM and EPT, which are presented in the below chart.

CSU Ready Cut Score (exempt from ELM/EPT)CSU Conditionally Ready Cut Score (conditionally exempt from ELM/EPT)CSU Not Yet Ready or Not Ready Cut Score (not exempt from ELM/EPT)
550 (New)
500 (Old)
510-540 (New)
460 (Old)
500 or below (New)
450 or below (Old)

570 (New)
550 (Old)

520-560 (New)
490 (Old)
510 or below (New)
480 or below (Old)

Please review additional ways you may be exempt from having to take the ELM and/or EPT by visiting the below Educational Testing Services (ETS) websites.

If you are not exempt from the ELM or the EPT, you must take the exam(s) in order to attend orientation in June and enroll in fall classes. For additional information on placement testing, please visit the Educational Testing Services (ETS) website: http://www.ets.org/csu/about.

Steps to Register for the ELM/EPT

You may take the exam(s) at any CSU.  Please note: Students who intend to enroll at CI must take the test(s) no later than May 7th.  Failure to do so will result in being unable to enroll. If  you plan to take the exam(s) at CI, it is important for you to allow appropriate time to register for the exam as space is limited and may reach capacity.

Test DateRegistration DeadlineAccommodation
Deadline **
Score Reports Available
Online the Week of
February 11, 2017January 28, 2017January 20, 2017March 6, 2017
March 18, 2017March 4, 2017February 24, 2017April 10, 2017
April 15, 2017April 1, 2017March 24, 2017May 29, 2017
May 6, 2017April 21, 2017April 14, 2017May 29, 2017

** Students requesting testing accommodations must contact the Disability Resource Center at 805-437-3331, no later than this date. 

Register Now for ELM/EPT Testing

Testing Accommodations (At CI)

If you are a student with a disability in need of testing accommodations for the ELM/EPT examinations, please complete the regular ELM/EPT registration process first and indicate that you need accommodation. After you complete the registration, please contact Valeri Cirino-Paez, Disabilities Counselor, at 805-437-3331 to discuss needed accommodations, registration for services, and required documents. Requests and verifying documentation must be received a minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. If you do not make arrangement prior to the test, no accommodations will be provided. 

Accommodations for Religious Observances

If your religious observance prevents you from taking the test on the scheduled test date, students must sign up for the test online and contact Testing at 805-437-3215 to receive an alternative test date.  Please be prepared to provide documentation on church letterhead. 

Test Day Guidelines

Items Needed for ELM/EPT Testing

Admission Ticket. When you registered for the exams(s) you should have printed your ticket.  If not, visit the ETS Registration webpage to do so prior to testing day. 

Identification. You must have a valid government-issued ID that is current or a current school ID that contains a recent and recognizable photo.  You first and last name on your ID must match exactly the first and last name on your Admission Ticket.  Failure to have a valid or current ID means that you will be denied admission to the exam(s). 

Acceptable common form of ID include: 

Passport Card
Driver’s license
State or province-issued ID card
US military ID card (Common Access Card, or CAC)
US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
National ID card
Consular ID card
Current school year student ID

The following items are NOT acceptable forms of ID for access to the test center: Social Security card, Social Insurance card, birth certificate, credit card (including those with photo), ID expired for more than 90 days prior to your test date, photocopied ID, or employee ID (even for government employees), or previous school year student ID.

Pencils. Bring to the test center three or four sharpened No. 2 or HB wooden pencils—with good erasers.

Social Security Number You will need to know your social security number. Do NOT bring your social security card.

Items Allowed in the Test Room

Test takers may bring into the test room only a clear plastic Ziploc bag, maximum size one gallon (3.79 liter), which must be stored under the chair. The sealed Ziploc bag may contain only the following items: valid ID; wallet; keys; analog (nondigital) wristwatch; medical or feminine hygiene products (including diabetic testing supplies); #2 or HB wooden pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, tissues and beverage in plastic container or juice box (20 oz./591 ml maximum size) and snack for break only. All items must fit in the ziplock bag such that the bag can be sealed.

Items Allowed on the Desktop

Test takers may only have pencils, erasers, and a pencil sharpener on the desktop. No electronic devices are permitted. Neither are timepieces of any kind except analog wristwatches.

Items Prohibited in the Testing Location

You may not bring into the testing center or use any of the following: 

Electronic timers of any kind
Digital watches, alarm watches, beeping watches, calculator watches
Cell phones, beepers, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs)
Personal computers
Photographic or recording devices
Listening devices 
Headsets, iPods, or other media players
Books, dictionaries, papers of any kind 
Briefcases, handbags, backpacks of any kind 
Hats/hoods/beanies (except religious apparel) must be removed when entering the room and placed at the front of the room until completion of the exam


IMPORTANT: Electronic devices, including cell phones, are not permitted in the test room, and the use of any electronic device is strictly prohibited. Any test taker discovered in possession of or using an electronic device, including but not limited to cell phones, pay phones, pagers, iPods™ or other media players, or personal computers, will be dismissed from the test and their test will not be scored. This policy will be enforced from the time test takers arrive at the test until they leave at the conclusion of the test—including restroom breaks. Violations will be grounds for score cancellation and dismissal from the exam(s).  Test center staff assume no responsibility for personal items.

Out-of-State Testing

If you live outside of the state of California, have been admitted to a CSU campus, and need to take the EPT and/or the ELM before arriving in California, you may register at the ELM/EPT Registration site. Out of state testing is arranged for the 2nd week of the month, except in May when the test is the first week.  Arrangements must be made by the 15th of the month before testing will take place.  There is an additional fee of $75 for testing outside of the state of California.  If you have a question regarding Out of State testing, please call (925) 808-2142 or email csuoutofstate@ets.org.