What is Academic Notice?

When an undergraduate student’s cumulative GPA or CSUCI GPA falls below a 2.0, they are placed on Academic Notice. Students must complete an Academic Notice process so that they can be connected with campus resources to help them address the challenges they are experiencing. 

Step 1: View Academic Notice Videos

Step 2: Complete Self-Assessment Survey

Step 3: Make Academic Advising Appointment

Step 4: Fill out a Semester Action Checklist (PDF, 274KB) with an Academic Advising during an appointment.

Learning Community

  • Students are added to the Academic Notice Learning Community within CIlearn, which includes a learning module created to assist students in understanding academic policies related to academic notice, as well as tools to help them have a more successful semester.
  • Once logged into CILearn, and within the Dashboard, select the "Academic Notice" learning community. You will find the module in the "Modules" link.

Academic Notice Videos

These videos assist students in getting a better understanding of academic notice at CSUCI.

Self-Assessment Survey

  • The self-assessment survey’s intention is to assist students in identifying the factors contributing to their academic difficulty.
  • Students will be emailed the survey link to their MyCI email address, and it must be completed prior to meeting with an Academic Advisor.

Academic Advising Appointment

  • Academic Advisors are available to assist you with creating an academic success plan and connecting you to campus resources to help you return to good academic standing. 
  • To schedule an appointment, log into your myCI portal and select the Dolphin Navigate icon. When scheduling an appointment, make sure to select the service "Academic Notice (below 2.0 GPA)" option. 

Semester Action Checklist

  • You will complete a semester action plan when you meet with Academic Advising.
  • The action plan is designed to help you create goals and action items you can commit to do during the semester to help you improve academically.
  • Semester Action Checklist(PDF, 274KB)

14 Unit Limitation

  • Students in the academic notice process are limited to 14 units so that they can have a lighter load while they get back on track.

GPA Calculator

Understanding your Grade Point Average (GPA) is an important part of being a successful student. We have included an online GPA calculator. Log in to MyCI for personalized results. This will help you determine or estimate your GPA.

Common uses of the GPA Calculator are:

  • Calculating your semester GPA
  • Determining necessary grades to obtain a target GPA such as a cumulative 2.0 to be removed from the academic notice process or to get university honors
  • Calculating your GPA to avoid probation and academic disqualification
  • Calculating your GPA when you are repeating courses

Student Video Testimonials

Students' Stories on the Academic Notice Process

  • “I was very busy one semester keeping up with classes, work, and family responsibilities, and my grades tanked . . .” read more
  • “A few semesters back, I was struggling with some mental health issues . . .” read more

Click to read more stories of students who experience Academic Notice.

Academic Notice FAQ (Undergraduate Students)

Click here for FAQs specific to the academic notice process.

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