What is Academic Disqualification?

After having been on academic notice, a student is academically disqualified if their CSUCI and/or cumulative GPA falls below the following:

  • Freshman (29 units or less)- 1.50
  • Sophomore (30-59 units)- 1.70
  • Junior (60-89 units)- 1.85
  • Senior (90+ units)- 1.95

Stories of Successfully Reinstated Students

  • “I’m glad it happened, the disqualification was a really good wake up call. You need that in life sometimes . . .” read more
  • “The classes seemed a lot harder than at community college and there was a distraction…with my mother being ill, having to take care of her and my siblings, since I’m the eldest. I didn’t put a lot of effort . . .” read more

What are my Options?

Disqualification Withdrawals and Appeals

Course Grade Appeal

If you believe your course grade is incorrect, follow the grade appeal process noted on the Academic Appeals website.

  • If the grade is found to be an error and it changes your academic standing, you will be reinstated, and your academic disqualification will be removed.

Disqualification Appeal

If you believe you have an exceptional circumstance and are able to provide appropriate documentation to support your circumstances, you may submit a Disqualification Appeal. Please note: appeals are rarely approved.

Academic Disqualification FAQs

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