What is academic disqualification?

If you have previously been on academic notice and your cumulative CI GPA in all units attempted falls below the following: freshman- 1.50; sophomore- 1.70; junior- 1.85; senior- 1.95, you will be subject to academic disqualification. For further details refer to Academic Disqualification.

Can I appeal my disqualification?

Yes, you can appeal if you have extenuating circumstances that can be documented, or if your disqualification is an error. See an academic advisor for assistance in the appeal process.


What if I think my grade is an error?

Contact your professor/instructor to inquire on your grade. If your grade was an error, and the grade change, changes your academic standing, your academic disqualification will be removed. For details on the grade appeal process, view Grade Appeals.

What are my options if I am academically disqualified?

  • Planning to return to CI

    You must take courses at CI through Open University to raise your cumulative CI GPA to a minimum 2.0, to be eligible to Petition for Reinstatement. In rare exceptions, Disqualification Appeals may be granted. Refer to the links for details.

  • Not planning to return to CI or can’t afford Open University

    You may attend a community college to raise your overall cumulative GPA, and transfer to another college or university.

What is Open University?

Open University provides an opportunity for non-CI students to enroll in undergraduate courses at CI on a "space available" basis, subject to the approval of the professor/instructor, during the first week of the semester.

  • Up to 24 units taken through Open University may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at CI. For more information, visit the Open University Website.

Can I take classes at a community college?

Taking classes at a community college will not change your CI GPA, but it may help you in making progress towards your degree, and in showing academic improvement. It is recommended that you consult with an academic advisor before taking classes at a community college.

Can I repeat a course to improve my GPA?

If you need to repeat a course grade (C- or below), you are allowed to repeat up to 16 units taken at CI for grade forgiveness and can repeat an individual course once. For further information, see the University Catalog for the repeat policy.

How can I calculate my GPA?

You can use the GPA calculator, located on the Advising website.

Can I meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss my options?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor; however, it is highly recommended that you attend a "Disqualification Options" workshop first. When scheduling, please inform them of your disqualified status.

If I am disqualified in the spring semester, take summer classes, and raise my GPA to a 2.0, can I be reinstated for the fall semester?

Yes, if you take classes during the first summer session, raise your GPA, and submit a Petition for Reinstatement by the July 1st deadline, you can be eligible for reinstatement.

Am I eligible for financial aid if I attend Open University?

No, only matriculated (current) CI students on good academic standing are eligible for financial aid.

Does Open University have a payment plan?

Yes. For details view Open University Fees information.

What is the Petition for Reinstatement Process?

Please refer to the Reinstatement website on the Academic Appeals page.

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