Why am I on academic notice if my cumulative GPA is above a 2.0?

Both your cumulative GPA and CSUCI GPA have to be at a 2.0 (C average) GPA.

If I stay on academic notice another semester, will I be academically disqualified?

Not necessarily; students are subject to academic disqualification if their cumulative GPA or CSUCI GPA falls below the following, after having been on academic notice: freshman- 1.50, sophomore- 1.70, junior- 1.85, and senior- 1.95. However, if you show improvement and receive over a 2.0 semester GPA, you will be continued on academic notice.

Is there a maximum amount of times I can be on academic notice?

No, as long as you show improvement, and/or meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements, you will not be academically disqualified.

If I repeat the course I failed at the community college, can it replace my grade here?

No, CI has a grade forgiveness, repeat policy, but in order for your grade to be replaced, the course has to be repeated at CI. If you take courses at community college, it will improve your overall cumulative GPA, but it will not change your CI GPA.

Will I get off academic notice if I get a 2.0 semester GPA?

Only if you repeat classes and replace your failed grades, will you potentially receive a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 with only a 2.0 semester GPA. If you do not repeat any classes, you will need higher than a 2.0 semester GPA to raise your cumulative GPA. Keep in mind, your semester GPA averages with your deficient GPA.


First SemesterGPA EarnedSecond SemesterGPA Needed to Average a 2.0
Took 12 units1.5Taking 12 new units2.5

Click here to use the GPA Calculator for details.

Can I take more than 14 units?

  • Students in the academic notice process are limited to 14 units so they can have a lighter load while they get back on track.
  • 14 units were set to allow students with four-unit classes, the ability to take three or four classes.
  • Students may request for an academic advisor to approve an Additional Unit Authorization (PDF, 231KB) to take more than 14 units, but these are seldom approved.
  • A 15-unit load may be considered for students taking four classes with one three-unit class and three four-unit classes, or if the fifth class is only one unit.

What is the process to request taking more than 14 units?

Submit a written request with the Additional Unit Authorization form to the Advising Office located in Bell Tower 1552, or you can email a scanned request to advisement@csuci.edu

In your written request, include the following:

  • Whether you are working, commuting or have other obligations
  • If you have proven in previous semesters that you can successfully handle a higher unit load, and this is your first time on academic notice due to unforeseen circumstances (must provide documentation)
  • Other circumstances

If approved and signed by an advisor, submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office.

What if I plan to take a semester off?

You can be gone for up to two semesters. Your academic notice standing will remain the same, and you can work on improving your CI GPA upon your return. However, it is recommended that you meet with an advisor before taking the semester off as you will receive an advising hold on your record, if you do not meet with an advisor by the third week of the semester.

Will my academic notice affect my financial aid?

It might; financial aid has different GPA and unit requirements to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor for more information.

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