• Determine how many units you will take.  (12 units is considered full-time)
  • Take GE courses needed to complete areas A-E if you have not been CSU GE or IGETC certified. 
  • Complete any necessary pre-requisite requirements.  Pre-requisites are often enforced.
  • Take any remaining lower-division courses for your major. (courses numbered 299 and below)
  • Take upper-division courses for your major. (see major sheet for prerequisites)
  • Take Upper Division General Education (UDGE): One upper division course from each area of GE B, C and D.  

  • Take the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) course in your major. (must earn C- or better).
  • Take courses toward your minor (if applicable) -see online catalog for minors offered at CI.
  • If not completed prior to transfer, consider taking a multicultural course. Refer to the GE section of the online catalog for classes that meet this requirement. 
  • If not completed prior to transfer, consider taking a foreign language course. One semester of college-level foreign language is required. (must earn grade of C- or better)
  • In general, try to mix courses in your major, minor, GE, UDGE, and electives into your schedule. 
  • Consider transfer success course UNIV 300 (1 unit) or UNIV 350-B, C, or D (3 units), which meet UDGEs.
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