What is Zoom Logo?

Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing tool with flawless HD video, clear audio and instant sharing of your screen or documents. You can connect from any computer, laptop or tablet. Zoom works on PC, Mac, Android and IOS devices. Zoom Screen Shot

Check out this informational video from the folks at Zoom.

Why Zoom?

  • You live too far or simply don't want to get out of bed
  • You work or have personal commitments
  • You don't have reliable transportation or parking is too hard to find

Why Zoom Advising?

The Advising Center wants to see you... in person or online! Please know, any advising appointment or service you would receive in-person can be done via Zoom. Here are some common benefits of Zoom Advising:

  • Review your CARR with an advisor
  • View Catalog to understand requirements
  • Chat function (could be helpful at work)
  • Screen share
  • Explore campus resourcesZoom Screen Share

Zoom Advising Testimonials

  • "It is great if I can’t make it to campus. It’s my first year at CI so this was very helpful for me to connect to my advisor."
  • "Extremely helpful and very user-friendly!"
  • "Zoom is very convenient for me because I have a 3-month old daughter and I can’t always make it to campus. It saves me tons of time!"

Zoom Advising Tips

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