FY 2021 Emergent Planning Cycle

Academic Affairs is rolling out planning documents that will be used for the “Emergent Planning Cycle.” The emergent planning cycle, or EPC, represents a planning year that falls in between the six year plan refresh year (ever odd year). While Academic Affairs six year plan will be used to inform the institutional planning cycle for FY 2021, Deans and AVP’s may include additional items put forward as an EPC request.

What should be included in an EPC request?

An EPC request should be based on the following conditions:

  • Urgent and/or unforeseeable items that have arisen since the six year planning process was completed.
  • Items calling for prompt action that are so critical they cannot wait for the six year plan refresh process to begin.
  • Items that have arisen as a consequence of changed conditions, such as, but not limited to:
    1. additional enrollments,
    2. a change in leadership at school, program, department, and/or
    3. services, equipment, travel etc that are vital to student success, staff or faculty development.
  • Time-sensitive strategic opportunities that advance the university toward strategic plan fulfillment and are of the highest priority.

Special consideration will be made for unique circumstances that are in need of a permanent resource commitment.  Consideration for faculty lines will take place at the institutional level, so please exclude this item from any request.

The emergent planning cycle should not be considered a venue to resubmit proposals that were not approved for inclusion in the six-year plan. Do limit your proposals to those matters that you believe will rise to the utmost urgency in FY 2021.

FY 2021 Emergent Requests Submitted for AABAC Review


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